It’s the right time to give Zoey Stark a main event push


As we look ahead to the Survivor Series, it’s the right time to give Zoey Stark a main event push.

Going back to the WWE Draft back in April, WWE NXT lost a ton of their roster due to call-ups to either Raw or Smackdown. One of the top superstars making the move from NXT to the main roster was Zoey Stark.

Since arriving on Monday Night Raw, Stark has made a name for herself in just a few months and has become one of the best in the women’s division. She began her tenure on the main roster by aligning herself with WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus in a months-long feud with Becky Lynch. During this feud, Stark and Lynch had their fair share of memorable matches, probably even more so than Lynch and Stratus.

Paying her dues in a feud with Lynch and learning directly from Stratus helped Stark improve her promo skills. Her in-ring ability has always been top-notch. She has arguably the best finisher in all of WWE called the “Z-360.” Stratus is familiar.

Once their alliance ended, Stark became a babyface and found herself occasionally teaming with Shayna Baszler (also a recently turned babyface). In a short period, Stark has won the respect of the WWE Universe and WWE executives with her significant improvements in all aspects. She’s better on the mic, looks even more comfortable in the ring, and has done a great job building her character on Raw.

With Survivor Series on the horizon, WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley needed an opponent to challenge her dominant run as champion. Earlier this week on Raw, there was a women’s battle royal to decide Ripley’s next opponent for the title. Her next challenger will indeed be Stark at the next PLE.

Recently, Ripley successfully defended her Women’s World Championship in a Fatal 5-Way match at the Crown Jewel. She defeated Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax, Raquel Rodriguez, and Zoey Stark. But now, the 29-year-old up-and-coming phenom Stark gets her shot at the title one-on-one.

She’s confident, and rightfully so. No matter the outcome, Stark will benefit from the feud/match and will add to her story once she eventually becomes a Women’s World Champion, and when she’s headlining WrestleMania one day. This is only the beginning for her and her career. It’s a perfect move by WWE to continue to build Ripley as champion, while also building up new superstars at the same time.