The AEW women’s division needs a Julia Hart led faction


AEW has struck gold in its women’s division with the progression of Julia Hart in 2023.   Now, it is up to Tony Khan to use that progression to enhance the women’s division.

While All Elite Wrestling has accomplished a lot in its brief existence, one glaring weakness that the promotion has not been able to get right is the booking of the women’s division.  In the best of times, the promotion has created a somewhat interesting program around both its AEW Women’s World Title and the TBS Title simultaneously.  But far more often than not the women are only featured in one match on pay-per-views, and those matches rarely involve a story that has been given ample time to develop on AEW television.

One of the most important ingredients in creating a program that the fans are invested in is involving characters that wrestling fans care about.  We have seen this happen recently with the revamped “Timeless” Toni Storm.  AEW has done a great job developing Storm’s character into one that the fans love to see, and now they can involve her in stories, and fans will care and get invested in those stories.  AEW has a very similar opportunity with Julia Hart.

A Julia Hart-led faction in AEW would enhance the women’s division and force Tony Khan to give them more television time.

Julia Hart has had an excellent year in 2023.  Hart has grown by leaps and bounds in the ring, adding some new moves that include a breathtaking moonsault that she has been landing flawlessly since introducing it.  Hart has probably the best entrance in all of AEW and her character work as a member of the House of Black has been near perfect as she transformed from the perky cheerleader to the vicious mist sprayer that she is now.

And the best part of all of this is that the fans have taken notice.

The crowd reaction when Hart’s music hits is one of the loudest you will hear for anyone in AEW’s women’s division.  Hart has garnered momentum through her fantastic character work and evolving in-ring work and now is the time for AEW to capitalize on the interest that Hart has garnered for her character.

For the past few weeks, AEW has been teasing a possible female House of Black, with Hart possibly leading a faction including two more young and popular stars in the women’s division, Skye Blue and Willow Nightingale.  This is an idea that the promotion must pull the trigger on.

There are multiple reasons why this faction would be very important to AEW’s women’s division.  First, it would elevate three young stars of the division and give them consistent weekly exposure to continue to develop.   Hart, Blue, and Nightingale have all come a long way in 2023, and grouping them together and giving them interesting programs would take them to the next level.

Next, this faction would be so much different than anything in AEW’s women’s division currently.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.   With the women’s division failing to gain traction going the more traditional route, it makes sense to try something different, especially since Hart has already proven the ability to be able to get fans invested.

Finally, to truly elevate the women’s division, there needs to be television time given to the women of AEW.  And until the fans react positively to what some of the women are doing as they do some of the men, it is going to be tough for the women to get more television time on Wednesday.   While Tony Khan has not been great about giving the talent of the women’s division time to get over on television, those who have still been able to (Britt Baker, Jamie Hayter, and most recently, “Timeless” Toni Storm) have been featured regularly on television once the crowds’ reaction grew too loud to ignore.  A female House of Black led by Julia Hart would be one more name/faction that could be added to that list and force Tony Khan to show more love to the women’s division both on AEW television and pay-per-view events consistently.

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