WWE Wild 2024 Predictions: CM Punk Will Move The Needle Again

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2.) Jade Cargill Will Win The Rumble & Dethrone Rhea Ripley

Jade Cargill has everything it takes to run this women’s division as a dominant force. There are many dark horses to win the Rumble, such as Liv Morgan and Bayley, and they have compelling stories against both of the current champs in Rhea Ripley and Iyo Sky respectively at this point in time. Morgan still needs revenge against Ripley for writing her off TV with a storyline injury angle after a devastating beatdown, and Bayley will eventually need her revenge against Iyo after Damage Control inevitably turns on her but Jade Cargill is too big of star to pass up here.

1.) CM Punk Will Win The Rumble & Dethrone Seth Rollins

CM Punk is undoubtedly the biggest draw in pro wrestling today. Although he is polarizing figure on screen and behind closed doors, he creates buzz like no other and moves the needle better than anyone who has stepped foot in the WWE ring. He is truly the best in the world, and that’s not hyperbolic in any sense of the word. That is just the downright truth. Seth Rollins called CM Punk the “cancer” of professional wrestling. Like Punk, Rollins is very old school and will say stuff like this in interviews, knowing that it will stir the pot and draw a compelling story if they do feud.

The fact that Punk was the one who created The Shield, one of, the greatest factions to date, adds another layer to that story. That infamous pipebomb 13 years ago was just the beginning, and Punk’s AEW career was living proof of how big a draw he can be, especially after being 3rd in the PWI 500 last year. After 10 long years, Punk leaving Royal Rumble 2014 and returning to win the Rumble in 2024 and main event Mania for the first time in his career with Rollins, who also wants and deserves his first WrestleMania main event, is a beautiful storyline that can’t be passed up.

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