Three men that can take the AEW World Championship from MJF


MJF is still the champion with no end in sight to his run. These three men are top suggestions to take the title off his waist.

Despite all the mounting odds, MJF made it out of AEW Full Gear with the World Championship in tow. He’ll be the first man to hold the belt for more than one year, and he’s built an interesting legacy along the way. While widely praised, many fans have questioned the impact of his run at the top of AEW. Still, his presence garners eyeballs. So, who will be the man to take the belt off his shoulder? These are three individuals who stand out as the potential individual to end the biggest run in AEW’s short history.

Adam Cole

There’s a lot to unpack here coming out of the PPV. Many think that Adam Cole’s involvement directly implicates him as “The Devil” and the eventual main foil for MJF. Thoughts about the “bromance” between Cole and MJF range, with some feeling it focuses too much on the sports entertainment aspect of the industry.

Cole’s injury certainly caused some delays in the angle’s development and there’s still not a solid timeline around his return. If he can make it back sooner rather than later and can go at AEW Revolution, it will be interesting to see if the company reveals him as “The Devil” and positions him as the top opponent for MJF. If that is the case, he should be the one to end his run in what will be quite the end of this chapter of their feud.

Swerve Strickland

Swerve’s growth in AEW has been one of the hottest stories in 2023. His arrival at the top of the card is nearly complete. AEW has yet another star on the roster and they must find a way to keep him hot and present him as such. He picked up another big win over “Hangman” Adam Page and it’s time to move him into the next big feud. Swerve must be the first Black man to hold the AEW World Championship in 2024. But the big question is how does the company get there?

If MJF stays “babyface” and finds his way through Adam Cole, pitting Swerve against him as the next big boss is the perfect way to introduce him to the main event. Swerve can match everything that MJF brings into the ring, and his run as a heel has upped the game of cruelty from a villain in professional wrestling. Not putting the championship on him in 2024 would be a massive miss for AEW.

Will Ospreay

Will Ospreay was the big signing that AEW announced during the PPV. He’s a superstar in professional wrestling and it’s understandable why the major organizations were after him. He’s someone who has carried the main championship everywhere he’s gone, so it’s expected that he will be a champion in AEW as well. If MJF’s run continues for months into 2024, Ospreay could be a top candidate to take the title off his shoulders at All In in August.

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