Eddie Kingston stands to gain the most from the AEW Continental Classic


Win or lose, AEW has a major chance to build some strong momentum behind Eddie Kingston coming out of the AEW Continental Classic.

The AEW Continental Classic has been a treat. Eleven matches into the round-robin tournament and fans have seen some excellent professional wrestling. There’s also an interesting story to tell within the tournament. Eddie Kingston putting the Ring of Honor and NJPW Strong titles on the line makes this a situation where he must win or he comes out empty-handed. With that in mind, Kingston’s character has the most to gain throughout the AEW CC.

The passion that Kingston has displayed since joining AEW during the COVID-19 pandemic continues to shine through. In many ways, he’s one of the central figures on the roster, even though he consistently falls short when he’s standing firmly in the spotlight. That hasn’t stopped fans from relating to him through failure, continuing to cheer for him to get that successful moment. That is where the AEW CC comes into play.

Kingston came into this tournament holding two championships that he cherishes. His reactions to winning the Strong title and finally defeating Claudio Castagnoli showed every bit of emotion to what those belts mean to him. Imagine him walking out of this tournament without any of them. This can happen in a variety of ways.

As of December 4, Kingston is sitting with 0 points after taking defeats to Bryan Danielson and Brody King. But what makes these round-robin tournaments so special in professional wrestling is the story of an underdog finding their way back to the top of the draw. That could be Kingston. Imagine him battling his way back to be one of the final men when an opportunity to win the entire thing. Just to see him fail again. That’s the type of catalyst that could send Kingston down a spiral as either a babyface or a heel. Regardless of which direction he takes the fans will still back him.

The AEW Continental Classic should be a huge momentum boost for the winner. But Eddie Kingston stands a major opportunity to gain regardless of winning or losing. There’s a story to tell with him that puts him in a position to gain the most from this tournament.

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