WWE must make it a priority to re-sign Drew McIntyre


With so many wrestlers today making the jump to new promotions, WWE must make it a priority to re-sign Drew McIntyre to a long-term contract.

Although he wasn’t able to take the World Heavyweight Championship from Seth Rollins, McIntyre has turned into the best form of himself that we’ve possibly ever seen. McIntyre is in the midst of an all-time heel turn that will bring out a more sadistic and vengeful side of him.

WWE teased before Survivor Series that he would officially join The Judgment Day, but it’s beginning to look like it was nothing more than a chance to get Jey Uso inside of a cage.

All of his recent rage is built-up frustration from a variety of different things. It’s not just about The Bloodline taking away his chance to become the WWE Undisputed Universal Champion at last year’s Clash at the Castle. It’s not because he was unable to beat Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship. And it’s not because he couldn’t take advantage of a battered and beaten world champion in Seth Rollins.

One of his biggest frustrations stems from his two WWE Championship reigns that happened during the pandemic; both were won and lost without a crowd present. His reigns lasted a combined 300 days; the second ended at Elimination Chamber in 2021. The Miz successfully cashed in his Money In The Bank contract to end McIntyre’s reign.

Add all of these moments with the uncertainty of McIntyre’s future in the company, and you’ve got some bottled-up frustration inside and outside of the ring. Now, except for Gunther, McIntyre is the biggest heel in the men’s division on Monday Night Raw.

The bad part about that is, as of right now, McIntyre is only under contract with WWE until WrestleMania 40, per PWInsider. Here’s what he told The Hindustan Times in September about how he felt about things (h/t to Wrestling Inc.’s Liam O’Loughlin for the transcription):

"“My focus is on the here and now. I don’t look to the future. I don’t look to the past. I look to the present. My job right now is just making sure we give everybody in Hyderabad the best show possible, and I’ll continue to give the best performance I can give at every show. I don’t plan to be anywhere else.”"

He provided this quote just three months ago, but a lot has happened since then. The addition of CM Punk to the roster especially complicates things for McIntyre. Punk couldn’t have been cheap to bring back. Meanwhile, you’ve got a guy like McIntyre who has been battling week in and week out, and since losing the WWE title two years ago, has nothing to show for it.

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If WWE is smart, they will do what’s right and re-sign McIntyre to a long-term deal. He is one of the best things cooking in WWE right now, and they can’t afford to lose him. AEW would jump at the opportunity to sign McIntyre immediately. The time is now to reward “The Scottish Warrior” with a payday and, hopefully, a rightful title reign in front of the WWE Universe.