The Return of TNA Wrestling Is The Impact Needed


The fan’s chants can never go unheard. CM Punk’s return to the WWE after years of fans chanting for him showed to never say never.  In Impact Wrestling, the fans have been chanting “TNA!” for years.

Diehard fans of Impact Wrestling have always had a hard time letting the old TNA Wrestling name go. However, after six long years, Impact Wrestling is making a major move to return to the original TNA Wrestling name. While many could believe the name change is unnecessary or perhaps even uncalled for after all of this time, this could be the most impactful move the company has made in years.

Despite the name being replaced in 2017, the company has not forgotten its roots as TNA Wrestling. From its early beginnings in 2002 until 2017, Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling grew a loyal fan base that can be heard chanting “TNA” at the top of their lungs in historic moments and matches still shown today. Since the announcement of TNA’s return, you can feel the momentum building and the fans are excited for change.

While change can be a scary thing, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Impact Wrestling did well to maintain its loyal fan base and pursued new viewers over the past few years. However, the return of TNA Wrestling will only embrace the impact from before and build. Loyal fans, returning fans, and new fans alike are in for an exciting transition. Things start anew at Hard To Kill, the first pay-per-view back under the TNA name and the first event of the new year.

A poetic way to begin the year, TNA returning with the Hard To Kill event is a beautiful tribute to the returning name. Fans have speculated about the future of the company for years but Impact has remained strong. Going on its 22nd year in business, it’s fair to say that TNA is indeed hard to kill. However, for some, the big question remains: Why? While there are many possible answers to that question. The clearest has to be to go back to their roots.

Impact Wrestling has put out great content but TNA always had a place in the hearts of the fans. By going back to the TNA name, the company embraces its long-time fans and new fans alike with this tribute. Newer fans are given the chance to be taught about the pillars that raised the company. With TNA Original Alex Shelley representing the company strongly as Impact World Champion, the time is perfect for this change.

Signaling out Alex Shelley is a great way to put this name change into perspective. Shelley was one of the young talents that raised the X-Division into mainstream conversations. Alongside his partner Chris Sabin, The Motor City Machine Guns became a staple of the tag team division. It is nearly impossible to think of the company and not think of Alex Shelley. Both the company and Shelley grew together to the point that they are today. TNA Wrestling was young and hungry looking to take any opportunity they could.

However, that hunger would cost Shelley and TNA alike as both took a notable hiatus. TNA wrestling became the Impact Wrestling we know today when Shelley went to Japan. Shelley was missed in his time away from the company and was welcomed back with open arms once he returned. Since his return, he and Sabin have been on the top of their games. Shelley even took the top of the mountain as world champion. Shelley has fought hard to become a world champion. Just as Impact Wrestling has fought hard to earn the right to call itself TNA once again.

Hard To Kill will be a crucial night for TNA moving forward. The wrestling world will be watching with excitement and they can’t let the fans down. If on any night, this is the night for the TNA Wrestling of old to show its face. Any fan of the company knows that the talent is there to make this company shine. The roster will have to be on their A-game on January 13th and management will need to have their checkbooks open. With TNA’s return, the fans will be hungry to see the return of some TNA originals and familiar faces.

The wrestling world could be in for more excitement than expected. TNA has to opportunity to truly do something special. While Impact Wrestling has been going strong, TNA can’t be simply Impact Wrestling using an old gimmick. TNA needs to be fresh, innovative, and most importantly, the total non-stop action that is expected. Like Scott D’Amore’s, many hearts have been broken by the TNA that left us. There is a chance for those hearts to be mended. TNA Wrestling only needs to do one thing… Cross The Line.

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