CM Punk vs. Seth Rollins will be the biggest match at WrestleMania


WrestleMania 40 will be a huge event and fans are excited to see a potential showdown between Seth Rollins and CM Punk. 

Monday night on WWE Raw, CM Punk’s moment in the sun was cut short by fans serenading Seth Rollins’s theme song in the first faceoff between the two men. The crowd could not make up their mind about who to root for, with half chanting “CM Punk!” and the others singing Rollins’s iconic hymn. The divisiveness of who fans want to root for is what makes this eventual CM Punk vs. Seth Rollins matchup, to say the least.

Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns is another matchup of mammoth proportions almost guaranteed to happen at WrestleMania, but everyone wants Cody to win and finish his story. When the large majority of fans are only on one side, it just does not have the same feeling as when the audience is truly split. In addition, what else is there to be desired from a Rhodes and Reigns matchup other than a different finish? The match last year lived up to all expectations, with mine being exceeded, but a new element is needed to just run it back one more time.

The angle of Rollins defending the company from CM Punk taking it back over is far more interesting than Cody’s story of winning the title has been elongated in my opinion. The small teases by Rollins over the past half a decade about a matchup with CM Punk make the hype for this matchup feel at an all-time high. Rollins has been a company man for the past decade, while Punk has done everything to try to tear down the WWE in that time frame.

There hasn’t been a hot ‘outsider’ angle in a while in the WWE and Punk walking back in the door has made just that. Do you root for the nostalgia act that you loved years ago, or do you see him for what a problem-causer he is and root for a man who has carried the company through injury at times?

That is the question that is tearing me apart, and it should be to you too. The two sides are both appealing to root for, and every week I’ll probably find myself flip-flopping about who I want to win. A matchup half a decade in the making deserves this slow-burn build of just under four months long. There are so many layers to be told in this rivalry like Punk potentially winning the Royal Rumble 10 years to the day that he left the company on his way to Rollins.

There is just a certain aura you could feel on Raw when Punk and Rollins stood face to face staring each other down, that cannot be created by any other matchup in WWE. Reigns and Rollins have the best chance to rival this feud in terms of importance, but not when we saw it this year already. The matchup between Punk and Rollins did not even seem fathomable just a couple of months ago, but here we are. Enjoy it, because it is going to be a wild ride for the next few months as two of the best talents in the industry create moments that fans will never forget. From the moments on the mic to when the final bell rings in the World Heavyweight Championship match, Rollins is going to reignite a fire that “burns always” to test that Punk is still as good as he once was.

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