CM Punk’s first loss will come from Seth Rollins


CM Punk made a big return to WWE and has kicked off a major feud with Seth Rollins, and individual who is more than capable of handing him his first defeat. 

CM Punk’s return last month was talked about by many. While many feel differently about the return, WWE has placed punk center stage, appearing on RAW, SmackDown, and NXT within his first two weeks of being back with the company. While Punk had several backstage segments throughout those two weeks, his very first in-ring encounter occurred moments after he signed as the newest addition to Monday Night Raw. That encounter was courtesy of the current World Heavyweight Champion, Seth “Freakin” Rollins.

Rollins was visibly furious at Punk’s return at Survivor Series, shouting obscenities at Punk from the bottom of the ramp. However, personal feelings aside, Rollins’ promo on RAW against Punk shows that both men are willing to work together on-screen. Rollins being Punk’s first legitimate critic on TV is not a coincidence. It’s clear after that exchange of words that WWE is setting up for a massive feud between the two, maybe even leading to a Wrestlemania main event match after Punk’s announcement in the WWE.

Seth Rollins Vs CM Punk has always been a dream match in WWE since Seth Rollins made a name for himself Post-Shield but with Punk gone from the company for almost 10 years, that match was never possible until now. Between their prior promo battle on Raw and the road to Wrestlemania approaching, Rollins Vs Punk seems almost inevitable. While the winner of their Potential Wrestlemania match is on the table, Their feud won’t possibly end without a defeat to Punk at the hands of Rollins. The last time Rollins was in a similar situation, it was with Cody Rhodes at WM 38. Rollins expressed frustration about how WWE used him just to elevate a superstar who just returned after turning his back on the company. Now with Punk back, Rollins will want things to be different the second time around.

However, regardless of Seth’s personal feelings, It makes perfect sense to use Punk to elevate the career and legacy of Rollins, rather than the other way around, especially given Punk’s age. A victory over The Best in the World will elevate Rollin’s status in the company once again, which will have a much longer-lasting effect on Rollins due to the amount of time he has left in the ring compared to punk. Additionally, In the process of hyping up Punk for whatever match at Wrestlemania he may have, It’s extremely unlikely that WWE will hand Punk a loss until at least Wrestlemania, as they’ll want Punk to look strong.

While CM Punk did declare for the Rumble match, he doesn’t need to in order to continue his feud with Rollins. He and Rollins are both on RAW and someone will need to challenge Rollins at Mania if someone chooses to challenge for Reigns’ title (probably Cody.) However, Punk winning the Rumble would be an amazing and interesting addition to their story. Until this feud eventually passes, Punk will not take a loss on WWE TV.

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