WWE is building Dragon Lee into a star for the future


Dragon Lee continues to deliver whenever he’s given the opportunity to shine and WWE looks to build him into a main event star for the future.

Fans often complained that WWE needs to do more to develop new names. While Vince McMahon was in charge, the weekly shows featured the same stars and the same matches. Triple H continues to work on building individuals that fans can get behind for the future. One such performer is Dragon Lee and he’s quickly growing into an important force for the company’s future.

When Lee was signed to the WWE nearly a year ago, fans were shocked. The young star had established himself as someone to watch. Not only did he have a full slate of great matches to review, but he was also already a multiple-time champion, holding titles in AAA, Ring of Honor, CMLL, and New Japan. Few knew that he was a free agent, and most would have expected him to go to All Elite Wrestling to follow his brothers Rush and Dralistico. Instead, he would sign with WWE in a surprising move, but one that has paid off so far to date.

In less than a year, Dragon Lee has already been involved in some important moments. While he’s not a member of the Latino World Order, he’s playing a key role in that group’s feud with Santos Escobar. As it continues to build, expect him to remain a part of that angle and get further entwined with Rey Mysterio.

It’s no secret that WWE has long sought after someone who could take the position of Mysterio as his career winds down. For decades Mysterio has been an icon for children in the industry and Lee is someone that many believe can help fill that void. Mysterio speaks of him in such a way on television, and his in-ring abilities rightly draw comparisons.

WWE has also done an excellent job protecting Lee in the ring. He’s appeared across all three shows, shucking the “brand split” but gaining notoriety at the same time. Along the way, he’s picked up wins against Axiom (another young but experienced name to watch), Cedric Alexander, and Austin Theory. He even defeated Dominik Mysterio for the WWE NXT North American Championship, which was a change of plans due to Wes Lee’s injury. That is another sign that the company has big hopes for Lee’s future and his contributions to the promotion.

At 28 years of age, Dragon Lee is in the perfect position to become a foundational piece of WWE’s future. The way the company is booking him shows that he’s firmly in their sights and if this trend continues, fans may be looking at an eventual main event star.

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