10 other wrestlers TNA could loan to WWE

NXT was proof that WWE wanted to connected to other wrestling federations. Now that Jordynne Grace is battling it out on NXT, what other wrestlers from TNA would do well in WWE?
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1. Speedball Mike Bailey

There is no greater workhorse than the Canadian kicking machine that shows up to any wrestling gig he can get his hands on. His best matches were in a TNA ring. If TNA loaned him to WWE, he would need to start a rivalry with Ricochet. It would definitely add some speed to the speed title.

2. Eddie Edwards

Eddie has been so faithful to TNA over the years and it's time to give him a solid opportunity. He is not currently the greatest heel or wrestling architect so I believe NXT experience would put some pep in his step. He would have some great matches against Joe Gacy.

3. Rosemary

Rosemary is always a draw to the TNA fans. She has a creepy goth charisma that feels fresh. It would be fun to see what WWE would do if they got a goth girl on their roster. On the other hand, WWE is known for being too corny with goth wrestlers who are not the Undertaker.

4. Bhupinder Gujjar

Bhupinder handles himself like a titan of the ring. He would fit in nicely against the Bronsons of the company. There are few wrestlers that can make you feel the impact like he can.

5. Masha Slamovich

Masha would destroy the divas of WWE and that would make a great storyline. When half the locker room is about MTV drama and back talk, she can be the enforcer that can suplex them back into the Stone Age. Masha would be a great opponent over Nia Jax.

6. Rich Swann

Rich Swann acts like a very big fish in a small pond at TNA. He needs to swim with The New Day or Trick Williams. No one wants to see his light dim so it's time for him to get a push.

7. Sami Callihan

Even though his trash mouth and blood feuds are a better fit for AEW, there's no doubt that Sami could be transformed into the next creepy brawler that scares little children. He would have a lot of fun messing with Grayson Waller.

8. Tasha Steelz

No one in TNA can match sassitude and in-ring knowledge like Tasha can. She is a Knockout with the makings of a great Diva. We would love to see her smack around Sexyy Red.

9. Su Yung

Though some might say that Su Yung is a failed tag team partner of Rosemary, she has a wider history in the indies and international circuits. She is a force to be reckoned with and she could put some life back into the Asian American female wrestlers that WWE needs to diversify.

10. Trey Miguel

Trey's days as a risk-taking cruiserweight might be behind him, but he is still young and profitable. He needs a fresh coat of paint and a new motivation and I think NXT would give them to him. He could show Tony D'Angelo or Wes Lee how to navigate the ring.


If the WWE felt spurned by losing Will Osprey, they could get revenge by making Alex their next power machine. His career and wrestling excellence proves that he is more than just NXT fodder. He could make magic with Seth Rollins.