3 big matches for Giulia in WWE

WWE has landed a big signing in Giulia and she's a great addition to the women's division both in NXT and beyond.
New Japan Pro-Wrestling - STRONG
New Japan Pro-Wrestling - STRONG / Etsuo Hara/GettyImages

Giulia is reportedly WWE bound. The Triple H-led promotion has landed one of the biggest women’s performers remaining on the board. She’s an excellent talent that should transition well into WWE’s product. Her appearance at Stand & Deliver is the starting point of this next phase of her career. The multiple-time champion has already achieved a lot and will continue that momentum. Looking forward, here are three names that stand out as potential opponents for Giulia.

Roxanne Perez

A match against Roxanne Perez is seemingly the easiest to predict. Perez has captured the WWE NXT Women’s Championship for the second time, being one of three women to reach that height. Perez is a wonderful talent, one that continues to perform well above her age. She’s shown that she can play both the babyface and the heel, with the latter being an excellent switch at this point in her NXT run. Seeing her go on a run that culminates into a big battle against Giulia is the right route for both women at some point in 2024.

Shayna Baszler

Shayna Baszler is one of the hidden gems on WWE’s roster. She was booked like a force in NXT, but that same momentum didn’t follow her on the main roster. But look at how Baszler is respected outside the WWE and it's clear that this woman should get a bigger spot on the roster. Imagine a situation in which Giulia wins the NXT Women’s Championship and Baszler is moved to NXT as a challenger. Seeing Giulia defend against the first two-time NXT women’s champion would be a fantastic feud and the matches would live up to the moment.


Asuka is one of the best talents on the WWE roster. Even before that, she is one of the greatest Japanese talents to ever perform. Asuka is a multiple-time champion, but it still seems like she’s never received the run that many hoped for on the main roster. While that may not come, it would still be interesting to see what would happen if Asuka and Giulia face off in a one-on-one battle. It would certainly be an epic contest and it would be a fantastic way to introduce the latter to the main roster at some point in 2025.