3 big matches for Jacob Fatu in WWE

Jacob Fatu is a monster and WWE viewers are about to get a front-row seat to his ability to destroy the competition.
SmackDown / WWE/GettyImages

Jacob Fatu finally made his WWE debut and he did exactly what everyone thought he would: cause chaos. Bodies were strewn about. Tables were destroyed and The Bloodline stood tall. Fatu is and has always been a destroyer of men, so seeing him in this role is going to be an interesting development. Beyond just this angle, there are several big matches that would be interesting to see him have during this run in WWE. Here are three.

Roman Reigns

Of course, there’s the Roman Reigns versus Jacob Fatu match that must happen at some point. Fatu would be perfect to play the role of a violent oppressor trying to stomp out Reigns, forcing him to fight from underneath. Fatu can push a pace in these matches that would surprise many, and it would be a great idea to see Reigns attempt to keep that pace. This is a match that not only furthers the family storyline, but would also help cement Fatu as a true threat to everyone on the roster.


The Rock may be calling himself “The Final Boss” but that tag really belongs on the shoulders of Gunther. It feels like Gunther is destined to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and eventually the WWE Undisputed Champion. He can do anything the promotion asks of him. Gunther is perhaps the most believable professional wrestler in the industry today, regardless of company. Gunther and Fatu have never stood in the ring to face off against one another. But this could be a huge match in WWE, and with their capabilities easily one that could set the wrestling community on fire.

Oba Femi

Now look, everyone loves the idea of “Meaty Men, Bumping Meat.” Right? Well, it doesn’t get much meatier than a match between Oba Femi and Jacob Fatu. This is one of those special matches where there isn’t a direct line on how it could happen, but it is something that should be earmarked for the future. Femi has a long way to go in his development, and that’s exactly what is happening every Tuesday as a part of the NXT roster. But when he makes his move to the main roster, Fatu should be one of the men waiting for him.