3 moves for Monday Night Raw in the WWE Draft

Monday Night Raw should make these three moves to boost the men's, women's and tag team divisions.
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The WWE Draft kicks off on Friday on SmackDown and continues through the next edition of Monday Night Raw. There’s a lot of anticipation for how this draft will work under Triple H’s creative direction. Monday Night Raw has a strong roster, but there are some steps that can be taken to strengthen things up. Here are three draft picks that should happen this go around.

Carmelo Hayes

Carmelo Hayes is one of the top prospects coming out of WWE NXT. He had an amazing run on the brand, nearly picking up all the championships available to the men’s division. Fans are ready to see what his run on the main roster will look like, and this is the right way to get him into the conversation. It will be interesting to see if he’s booked as a heel or babyface. The final portion of his run was certainly a return to his heel work, but fans are expected to cheer him when he appears on the main roster. Monday Night Raw should pick him up to boost the midcard before allowing him to shine in the main event.

Pretty Deadly

Monday Night Raw needs some help in the tag team division. This is where Pretty Deadly steps in. They are a great tag team that isn’t getting a lot of shine on SmackDown. They can work in the ring and their character work is excellent as well. They would be the perfect foils to the Awesome Truth with them eventually taking the belts and moving on to other feuds on the roster. WWE has a deep tag team division and it’s time to leverage one of the better teams in the division such as Pretty Deadly.

Roxanne Perez

Roxanne Perez will be one of the pillars of WWE’s women’s division. She can do everything from playing the underdog babyface, the arrogant heel, and work well with any performer in the ring. Her run in NXT has been exceptional, which is exactly what everyone expected when she was signed. Looking at the depth in the women’s division, moving Perez to the main roster in the draft would be the right move, adding another strong player to the Raw women’s division.