3 predictions for the Owen Hart Cup Wild Card

The Young Bucks are bringing in a Wild Card to shake up the Owen Hart Cup and these are three names that could walk through the curtain.
Hangman Adam Page 7.png
Hangman Adam Page 7.png /

The Owen Hart Cup puts a great spotlight on the depth of the AEW roster. Both the men’s and women’s brackets feature some of the top names in each division and exciting matches along the way. The men’s bracket has a special edition of a wild card sent by The Young Bucks to shake up the division. Looking at how this individual is meant to be aligned with the “authorities” of AEW, here are three predictions of who that person could be.


This is the surprise pick. The Young Bucks have a long history with The Bullet Club. Seeing that group going back to the well to bring in a secret entrant for the Owen Hart Cup would be big. KENTA doesn’t like anyone, but he likes a fight and it would be great to see him make another jump to AEW simply to put on some violence. Plus, there would be an opportunity for some fun matches in the future within this tournament if he’s involved.

Hangman Adam Page

This selection makes the most sense. Page has long been rumored to return, and it would make sense for his heel persona to come back to “help” The Young Bucks. There are still some issues that they need to work out in the long run but seeing him use the Owen Hart Cup as an opportunity to carve out a path back to challenging Swerve Strickland is another story that is meant to be told. Page is one of the most important men on the AEW roster and the fans are ready to welcome him back with open arms.

Toru Yano

Ok, this one is the joke of the group. Toru Yano is one of the best comedic wrestlers in the world and he’s carved out the perfect role for himself in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Playing that position has given him longevity in the company and made him a fan favorite among the masses. While he wouldn’t make the best choice for this position, it would be funny to see the Bucks pick him just to see him lose to Jeff Jarrett as he looks to honor Owen Hart’s legacy.