3 TNA that must show up in the NXT battle royal

Trick Williams' next challenger will come from a battle royal and these are three names who should make a surprise appearance.
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Trick Williams is looking for a new challenger for the NXT Championship. And he’ll get one via an old-fashioned battle royal. Cody Rhodes announced the big match set for June 19, but he also referenced that men from “other locker rooms” will take part. If that’s a hint that performers from TNA will show up in the match, here are three candidates who must take part in the big match.

Chris Bey

Chris Bey is a must-see performer. He’s always stood out as a member of the TNA roster, and especially so during his appearances in New Japan. Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that Bey is only 28-years old and has seven years of experience. He performs like a star that’s been a part of the industry for much longer.

Bey could step into this battle royal and put on some great moments. Imagine if he won and faced off against Williams. Pitting two young, Black performers in the spotlight like that would do wonders for fans who get excited to see diversity in professional wrestling. Bey is one of those names that has all the potential to be a main event star in the future. The question to answer is when will that time come?


Alex Hammerstone is an amazing performer. His run in MLW should be studied as the perfect way to build a wrestler into a main-event star. He looks the part and has put on some great matches along the way to show that he can work in that role as well. Look back to the work that he and Jacob Fatu did during their time at the top of the promotion. That was some of the best professional wrestling around outside of the two biggest companies in North America.

Hammerstone would be a big attraction if he stepped into NXT as a part of the battle royal. He’s a giant among men and fans would be immediately interested in who he is. Could that lead to more eyeballs following him to TNA? Perhaps. That is more than enough reason to test it out.

Joe Hendry

“Say his name and he appears!” There isn’t a bigger name on the TNA roster that would get a bigger reaction. Hendry’s sudden spark in popularity is an amazing story in professional wrestling and one that shows why this industry is fantastic. Everyone is talking about him, his gimmick, his abilities, and that catchy song. Imagine if his music hit and he popped up in NXT. That would be a moment that would attract wrestling fans simply for the comedy of it.

We all believe in Joe Hendry, and we all believe that he should take part in the upcoming NXT battle royal.