3 ways WWE can better leverage the women's division

The women's division is cooking in WWE, but there are three ways WWE can better leverage the women's division.
Backlash France
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Under Paul "Triple H" Levesque's tutelage, WWE has made it a primary focus to elevate the women's division. The phrase inaugurated into our brains is, "This is the New Era." On all three brands, noticeable adjustments have been made toward the women's division. New dominant Women's Tag Team Champions were crowned recently with Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair. Then, they're immediately added to the Queen of The Ring Tournament, which one if not both of them has to lose and look weak. While things have improved significantly, there is always more that could be done.

There are so many superstars on WWE's current roster that causes some to seem like they're seldom used, or misused. With so many superstars currently out due to injury or other reasons, there are other ways WWE could continue its momentum to elevate the division even more. Here are three ways WWE can better leverage their women's division.

Midcards Women's Title on Both Shows

As some of you should know, WWE has already taken strides into incorporating women's midcard titles beginning with the announcement of the NXT Women's North American Championship. Assuming their reasoning for starting this idea with NXT is to test it out with the WWE Universe. How have we reacted? Well, the qualifying matches have already begun and so far Sol Ruca and Lash Legend have already qualified for the ladder match at NXT Battleground for the title.

Seeing some reactions from people on X, the excitement level for this championship couldn't be greater. It surely has brought some new viewers and has given current viewers something extra to be enthused about. There is no reason this wouldn't also work on Raw or Smackdown. While there are so many top stars in the women's division, some are either not quite there yet or are there and it's just not the right time to contend and/or win a Women's World title. Adding midcard belts is the main fix for leveraging a crowded women's division.

The men's division seems crowded at times and they have two midcard belts and two tag team titles. This isn't a new idea, this has been brought up by the WWE Universe for a few years now. This year would be a great year to make the move to help hype of the new era.

Move Some to NXT

Another way to better leverage the women's division would be to move some superstars to NXT for a year until the following year's draft. There are a good amount of superstars that could use either a character revamp, and/or deserve a championship run to elevate their stock. For the sake of not offending any superstars, I don't want to include any names, but there are some main roster women who would benefit from this idea.

This idea came up recently after NXT began having Shayna Baszler (working with Lola Vice), Natalya (working with Karmen Petrovic), and also from Michin and Ivy Nile participating in the NXT Women's North American Championship qualifying matches. We've witnessed what wonders it did for Mandy Rose's career, it could do the same for someone else as well.

Book More/Better Storylines

This is a more simple scenario, but just book more/better storylines for the women's division. I don't know if it's book more or just put more focus on the storylines as a whole, but whichever. Going into WrestleMania XL, it was clear most of the attention was focused on whether or not Cody Rhodes would finish his story. Meanwhile, Rhea-Becky's feud really didn't pick up until a couple of weeks prior to their match, and Bayley-Iyo after being together for nearly two years, and Bayley wasn't even featured on the PLE poster to begin with. So much more could've been put into those feuds. Bayley isn't on the graphic for Summerslam either. Neither is Becky as you see. This graphic should've been updated

Even since then, Bayley still doesn't have a feud. Rhea went down with an injury, and had to vacate the title -- and instead of coming up with a creative way to crown a new champion, we got a Battle Royal the following week. No tournament, ladder match, gauntlet match, anything would've been more exciting. It does appear there is a long-term story coming between Liv Morgan-Rhea, but other than that aren't any storylines in the women's division right now.

Showing more focus on the division, coming up with more creative ways to crown champions, and adding more titles are all great beginnings to the new era. There have been some signs of improvement but are few and far between.