7 Free wrestling promotions you can follow on YouTube

We live in a glorious age for wrestling entertainment. Not only can you watch any federation for as little as $8 a month (except AEW), but there are a number of free ones you can watch with just stable internet.

GLEAT Pro-Wrestling
GLEAT Pro-Wrestling / Etsuo Hara/GettyImages

For a wrestling federation to be free on YouTube it needs to have the following qualifications:
1. Full shows and events within the same year
2. Have a steady release schedule of events

1. Premiere Wrestling League

Many indie promotions are part of the Premiere Wrestling Network, which caters to the smaller federations. Currently, Premiere is trying to get fans to sign up to their paid YouTube subscription for more content, but they are releasing full events. No Mercy Wrestling has two full events released from this year. 3LW (Three Legacies Wrestling), WrestlePro, TSW (Tristate Wrestling), and ISPW (Independent Superstars of Pro Wrestling) have multiple shows that can be viewed for free. Other shows included are wrestling talk podcasts and interviews. It's not a stretch to say that subscribers to this channel will get 20 hours of programming a month at zero cost.


GLEAT opened its doors in Japan in 2020 when Lidet Entertainment sold Pro Wrestling NOAH. GLEAT is a mix of martial arts and pro wrestling that uses a 90s based combat system. Within the past two weeks, GLEAT has released over 9 hours of live events. It is worth noting that this company uses high production and budget. While this promotion is not nearly as well known as DDT and NJPW, it is a great option to see Japanese Strong Style wrestling for free.

3. International Wrestling Network

IWN made its official home on YouTube where fans can see their live events. This UK based company has hosted matches with Will Ospreay and Pete Dunne. Most of their free shows are from past years, but they do offer a lot of free matches.

4. POW! Pro Wrestling

POW! Pro Wrestling started in 2019 out of Eugene Oregon. This is a warm and fun wrestling federation that treats their storylines like comic book lore. The website categorizes the faces and heels as the heroes and the rogues. POW does not have any major events, but they separate their content as 30 minute episodes. The company leans into their internet only programming by having an official YouTube title.

5. SLAM Pro Wrestling League

SLAM hails from Canberra, Australia promising a 3-hour event every month. This promotion hosts royal rumbles and cage match themed shows. Wrestlers are larger than life, but not taking the craft as seriously as WWE. The locker room has a full roster of wrestlers and champions, but they are not opposed to inviting NJPW wrestlers as guests. I have to give kudos to SLAM's high production values and large audiences.

6. Enjoy Wrestling

Enjoy Wrestling comes from Pittsburgh and specializes in wrestling that features LGBTQ and diverse wrestlers. Each season they produce three full events that are an hour each. Many alumni and free agents from AEW, ROH, TNA, and other popular indies perform in the Enjoy ring.

7. Demand Lucha

Demand Lucha does not have their shows on YouTube, but their website has almost every current show, free to watch. Demand Lucha is a lucha style wrestling show straight from...Toronto. Wrestlers like Sam Adonis, Gringo Loco, and Vampiro have wrestled and held titles. While Demand Lucha does not have the Latin American flavor lucha fans expect, the matches mirror the wrestling we have seen in the X-Division. American lucha fans that are sad they can't get AAA or CMLL have Demand's free shows to keep them company.