AEW Big Business is the perfect name for what will be a major night on March 13

Mercedes Mone is expected to make her way down the ramp on March 13, but what if she is joined by none other than "The Rainmaker" Kazuchika Okada
New Japan Pro-Wrestling
New Japan Pro-Wrestling / Etsuo Hara/GettyImages

Tony Khan had another announcement heading into the February 7 edition of AEW Dynamite. He stepped in front of the camera to announce AEW Big Business, set for Wednesday, March 13 from the TD Garden Arena in Boston Massachusetts. He went on to describe it as one of the biggest and most important nights in AEW’s history. Fans should believe that as it is one that can further push this promotion’s ceiling higher than its reached so far. 

With the name “Big Business' ' and the dollar signs used in place of “S” throughout the branding, it’s clear this night is to feature none other than Mercedes Mone. Mone is the most important women’s free agent on the market, or at least she was. Fightful Select reported on Wednesday that Mone has been signed by AEW for some time and her appearance is all but set in stone. It is a massive moment for the young woman and she should be the featured part of the show. 

But what is Mone isn’t the only surprise? Branding this show around the idea of money and business sparked an interesting conversation throughout the IWC. What if another “money-themed” superstar made his presence known as AEW’s newest signing? That name is none other than multiple-time IWGP Champion, Kazuchika Okada

As of January 31, Okada was a free agent, making the announcement weeks before that he was set to leave New Japan Professional Wrestling. Many believed that AEW had the inside track to signing him, and while WWE would be a totally new presentation, it would make sense why Okada would join All Elite Wrestling. The name “Rainmaker” is more about what the of age do in adult nightclubs instead of the weather in his home country. Throw in his submission move known as The Money Clip, and it’s easy to see how Okada’s arrival in AEW at Big Business would fit perfectly with the theme. 

While some wish Tony Khan would do away with the big announcements, puns, and quirky introductions - the anticipation and speculation are always good for business. Wrestling fans will talk for the next five weeks. The tickets will fly off the shelves as they’ve done when both individuals were involved in the past. This is another example of what makes professional wrestling fun and it will certainly be a night packed with big business for AEW.