AEW cannot overlook Natalya as a free agent

AEW is winning the free agency race of 2024, but Natalya would be an invaluable performer if she becomes available.
Monday Night RAW
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There’s a lot of talk about the talent within All Elite Wrestling. Tony Khan has put together one of the best groups of professional wrestlers ever seen in the business. While that is hard to debate, there’s never a lot of talk about the individuals behind the scenes helping lead the booking and development of the show – two areas where AEW could improve. Enter a potential free agent in Natalya, an individual who brings so much to the table that All Elite Wrestling must make a play to sign her to the company.

Natalya’s in-ring record holds up against any of her peers. According to Cagematch she has 1,570 matches within WWE, the only woman with more than 700 matches in the company. Only Sheamus and Cody Rhodes are ranked higher than her. Along the way, she’s picked up multiple championships, but it has been a long while since she was truly booked as the top persona in the division. In that regard, she’s been lapped by individuals like The Four Horsewomen, Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, Rhea Ripley, and several others. But it’s important to note that she’s contributed to each one of those individuals’ growth in the ring and behind the scenes.

Where Natalya truly offers the biggest value is what she does behind the scenes. Imagine having someone like her on the roster who can help lead the development of the women’s division. There isn’t anyone on the AEW women’s roster who could not stand to sit under her “learning tree.” Natalya could help get many of the women like a Skye Blue or Julia Hart rounded out in a way to make them more complete performers. She and her husband, TJ Wilson, have a training facility that has helped build and train several performers. Adding that resource to AEW’s coffers would go a long way.

Speaking of her husband, Wilson has played a heavy role in the growth of women’s wrestling in WWE. He’s typically the main agent on the big matches and has worked heavily in that role since the injury that ended his career. What if he comes over with his wife, giving the organization yet another talented and experienced mind to lead from backstage? That is another invaluable resource that cannot be overlooked.

Sure, Natalya wasn’t booked as the most exciting performer. She’s used as a name that helps put over young competitors and she does that well. Look at recent examples against Lola Vice and Kianna James. She’s a person that can be counted on in that space. AEW needs that and now is the opportunity to sign someone in the position to play that role. Championship teams aren’t built around only superstar players. In fact, it is the role players that step up at key times to help teams really get to the title. Natalya is that key player in professional wrestling and AEW cannot overlook her if she truly becomes a free agent.