AEW Dynamite Grades and Reactions for January 24, 2024

AEW Dynamite brought another great night of wrestling action on January 24, 2024.
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Hangman Adam Page Vs. Penta El Zero Miedo

With Samoa Joe on Commentary, Page and Penta squared up in a match that thunderously warmed up fans to kick off the show. The action was highly impressive and competitive which gained the AEW World Champion’s attention. Joe made many remarks about both competitors but showed no lack of confidence in himself. While Joe wasn’t impressed, this was certainly viewed as a title picture match, especially considering Adam Page is a former AEW Champion with a hungry desire to win it again.

Page looked strong throughout this match. He showed resilience and great athleticism. The match itself was given a proper time window. There were also several 2-falls from both competitors that were close calls, keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats. Page picked up an impressive victory, showing what he’s worth to the champion at ringside. Page vowed to take the AEW World Championship away from Somoa Joe.

Grade: B+

Wardlow Vs. Trent Beretta

Wardlow started off this match dominating Beretta, but the playing field was soon evened out. From what first seemed to be a squash, Beretta and Wardlow battled out in a (mostly) evenly contested match. It was no help to Beretta that that the Undisputed Kingdom was at ringside to keep an eye on Wardlow, as the faction had gained more and more momentum throughout the past several weeks.

Similar to the previous match, commentary referred to this match as a title picture bout. While Beretta had an impressive comeback, Wardlow looked strong throughout the whole match, proud to do the work on behalf of the Undisputed Kingdom. With a thunderous powerbomb, Wardlow took the victory clean. Wanting more time to ambush Beretta, his colleagues held Wardlow back, assuring him that Beretta had been dealt with.

Grade: B

Jeff Hardy Vs. Swerve Strickland

These two put on an explosive performance. The crowd was loud and responsive for most, if not all of the match. The match had some surprising spots, including a twist of fate from Jeff Hardy onto the steel steps. Unlike the prior matches on the card, it was hard to tell who was going to come out on top. There was a lot of back and forth action, making every second memorable. Swerve ultimately picked up the win. While Jeff Hardy is a decorated veteran, this victory is just the beginning of swerve Strickland.

Grade: A

Thunder Rosa Vs. Red Velvet

Thunder Rosa returned to Dynamite and had an instant connection with the crowd. This was a slower-paced match that finished sooner than expected, a recurring problem that AEW seems to have with its women's division. Regardless, Rosa picked up the win after a sufficient performance, exciting fans for what the future may hold in store for her. While the match didn't last long, it was impressive for both competitors.

Grade: C+.

Sting and Darby Alan challenge for the AEW Tag Team Championships

Sting’s last match at Revolution on March 3rd draws closer and closer. With that, Tony Chivani welcomed Darby Alan and The Icon, Sting to the ring to share some words. Darby tells Sting that even after a devastating neck injury, they have gone undefeated as a tag team in AEW. This prompted Darby to ask Sting to challenge with him for the AEW Tag Team Championships. Sting heard the response from the crowd and agreed. 

Sting accepted the offer from Darby, even while being weeks away from his last match. Following, were the tag champs, Ricky Starks and Big Bill, accepting the challenge from Sting and Darby Alan. They assured the challenging duo that they wouldn’t get their hands on the titles. Overall, It was an exciting setup for what is sure to be an impressive match in the near future. Additionally, it wouldn’t be surprising if Sting and Darby carried the tag titles until Revolution, the final resting place of Sting’s career.

Grade: B

The Acclaimed Vs. Mogul Embassy (AEW Trios Championships)

The Acclaimed and Bullet Club Gold have finally joined forces. After weeks of convincing, Jay White finally decided to work with The Acclaimed in an effort to maintain dominance on the AEW roster. Mogul Embassy was relentless in their attempt to win gold but was met with aggressive offense by the Acclaimed. While Prince Na-na tried to assist the Mogul Embassy in an illegal victory, Bullet Club Gold evened the odds, giving the Acclaimed a fighting chance. The Acclaimed picked up the victory, with Bullet Club Gold looking on proudly.

Grade: B-

Adam Copeland Vs. Minoru Suzuski

After a loss at World’s End, Copeland looks to prove himself in the ring in order to challenge once again for Christian Cage’s TNT Championship. After a number of open challenges, He would have to go through Suzuski. The match started off hot, with the two competitors exchanging blows back and forth. Copeland soon drove Suzuski through the barricade, causing the crowd to erupt. Both men seemed to be burned out rather quickly, giving 100% right out of the gate. After giving it all he had, Copeland earned his victory, getting one step closer to his former best friend, Christian Cage.

Grade: B+