AEW women's division continues to gain momentum in 2024

Fans continue to push for the women on the AEW roster and it looks like 2024 is shaping up to be a big year for the ladies.
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One of the biggest complaints that many had against All Elite Wrestling was the utilization of the women’s division. Criticism should breed improvement and it looks like change is slowly taking over. There has been a noticeable enhancement in how the women are featured on the show, even though there’s room for continued growth. One thing is clear, there’s momentum building with that women’s roster and 2024 is shaping up to be a strong year.

The performance of “Timeless” Toni Storm remains one of the biggest joys within AEW each week. Looking back to where this division has come since 2019, Storm may be the most important free agent signing to date. Not only can she be counted on to put on exceptional matches, but her character work is also among some of the best in the industry. AEW picked her up after what was a lackluster run in WWE and she hasn’t slowed down since.

Some will argue that Storm is the most important free agent signing to date, but that may change as reports around Mercedes Mone continue to pop up. Mone is the biggest name available in women’s wrestling and perhaps in a packed free-agent market. Multiple outlets have gone on record that expectations are she’s going to return to active participation via AEW in March. Adding her to that division, putting her front and center, and letting the rest of the group grow around them must be the next moves if Tony Khan is truly going to show he’s behind seeing these women flourish.

However, there’s still room for improvement with how the women’s division is booked. The group still only gets one women’s match per night on AEW Dynamite and that is simply not enough. They make the most of those precious minutes each time, but with a two-hour show, one match is inexcusable.

It doesn’t stop there either. The women’s division has yet to have a ladder match in AEW and Khan was non-committal to the idea of the ladies getting an AEW Continental Classic. That tournament did wonders for the men’s division to close out 2023 and it would be equally beneficial for the women in 2024. Along with that, the ladies could greatly use a Face of the Revolution ladder match to help build some new names heading into the second quarter of the year.

Professional wrestling flourishes when multiple organizations are performing well. The AEW women’s division continues to gain momentum each week and with how things are shaping up so far, 202 is set to be a big year for this group.