AJ Styles vs Josh Alexander is a dream match

As AJ Styles winds down his career, fans want to see him step into the ring with TNA standout, Josh Alexander.
WWE Clash at the Castle Scotland Kickoff
WWE Clash at the Castle Scotland Kickoff / WWE/GettyImages

The collaboration between WWE and TNA has created a buzz around professional wrestling. Joe Hendry’s introduction in WWE NXT was a predictable moment, and fans have responded in kind elevating that to the most popular video WWE has released post-WrestleMania 40. While there are reports of more to come, there’s one match that stands tall as something that must happen. Josh Alexander versus AJ Styles is one of those dream matches and should be a priority to occur either in WWE or TNA.

AJ Styles is recognized as one of the best performers in wrestling. His career is adorned with several accolades. Even though his run in WWE hasn’t seen him billed as the top name, it’s still hard to argue some of the great work that he’s done in this company. His recent battles against Cody Rhodes are just two examples of that catalog that will stand the test of time.

Looking outside of that, Styles is one of the foundational pieces of TNA/Impact Wrestling. Even though he hasn’t appeared in that company since 2013, if one were to ask a wrestling fan to name the most important people in TNA/Impact’s history, Styles would be on that list.

Since then, Josh Alexander has pushed his way up the ranks within that company. From tag division to X-division, to Impact World Champion, Alexander took the steps necessary to build himself into a huge fan favorite for that company. In fact, he’s become a bigger attraction across wrestling as a whole. In March, Fightful Select reported that TNA leveraged the option clause on his contract to keep him until February 14, 2025, even though Alexander asked them not to, as he was open to signing an extension or testing the free agent market. The wrestling world knows how valuable an act Alexander is at this point in his career.

Styles current story is that he’s coming to the end of his time in the business and he wants to be champion again. He’s failed to overthrow Rhodes twice, and he’s out of options on SmackDown. What if he returned to TNA for a brief stint and that run involved a big match with Alexander? That would mean Alexander needs to defeat Moose, which should be a given seeing how he’s the much better option to be the standard bearer for that company. Seeing Alexander and Styles face off to set the stage for that match would be massive.

Styles is already open to crossover opportunities. He’s heading to Japan to take on Naomichi Marufuji on July 13. That’s going to be a great match in its own right. WWE should let him loose to tell a final story in TNA as he works to close out his career. Think about what buzz it would create to see the TNA World Championship defended on WWE programming or a WWE superstar like Styles win the title. There’s a lot of opportunity at this moment.

As AJ Styles prepares to wind down his in-ring career he should get to enjoy dream matches all the way out. One of those big contests would be a battle against Josh Alexander. As WWE and TNA work together, it would make sense to see these two greats show off what they can do in the ring.