Bill Goldberg would never fit into All Elite Wrestling

Bill Goldberg may look down on AEW as "cheesy" but he would never work in a company built on great professional wrestling.
2023 PFL 7: Playoffs
2023 PFL 7: Playoffs / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

There were a lot of big headlines coming out of AEW Dynasty. This was an exceptional PPV that elevated the promotion and reminded everyone why this company is necessary in the industry. But there was one headline that no one saw coming. That was former WWE and WCW Champion, Bill Goldberg, taking shots at All Elite Wrestling, making it clear he has no intention of performing there. However, he failed to acknowledge that his presence isn’t welcome, nor does that company need him.

“This is where you’re going to get the most blunt answer you’re going to get from me,” Goldberg said while speaking on 93.7 The Ticket. “The product’s [AEW] too cheesy. The product is too cheesy.”

Back in 2023, Tony Khan confirmed that he walked two Goldberg and many speculated the conversation was about his services making the jump to Khan’s company.

“I have a really good relationship with Bill, so I like him a lot,” Khan said of the former champion. “As to what I’ve talked to him about, I would say that’s just between the two of us. But I’m not going to lie to you. It was a good chat. I like Bill a lot. He’s a great guy.”

Thankfully for those that watch the product, Goldberg seemingly has no intention of stepping foot in the company which is what’s best for business. At 57 years old, Goldberg isn’t the same guy he was back during the height of the Monday Night Wars. But even if he were, that guy wouldn’t fit quite well into what AEW is today. If the company was still heading down the path of sports entertainment like fans worried a few months back, perhaps. Thankfully, the company has returned to its roots as the place where the best professional wrestling happens. Goldberg isn’t a part of that equation.

“If there was a comparable viable option as a competitor that would allow me to still look myself in the mirror after I as a member of their roster, then it would be a consideration,” Goldberg continued. “But not a chance.”

Goldberg’s last match was back at the Elimination Chamber in 2022 when he was defeated by Roman Reigns. Much of Goldberg’s recent runs were shunned by fans as he was put over current favorites like Bray Wyatt, Kevin Owens, and Bobby Lashley. He’s wrestled sporadically since his return in 2016, competing in 12 matches since that faithful match against Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series.

While Bill Goldberg was an attraction in sports entertainment, he wouldn’t fit in AEW in any way. Imagine him following up the greatness that was any match on the AEW Dynasty card. Keeping him away from the business in 2024 is in fact, best for business.