Bron Breakker has all the potential to reach main event status

Bron Breakker has "it" and if WWE plays its cards right he can be a main event performer for years to come.
Monday Night RAW
Monday Night RAW / WWE/GettyImages

For a long time going, fans have complained that WWE isn’t building any new stars. There are several examples of individuals that fans wanted to see elevated to the main event, only for those men and women to be mishandled in one way or another. There’s a new face pushing his way through the WWE Raw roster, and that is Bron Breakker. This is an individual who has quickly proven that he has all the potential to be a main event star for years to come and he believes it. 

“My goal is to be a top guy in the future and to just carry the brand,” Breakker said while speaking on The Masked Man show. “My goal is to get better every single day, every single time that I step out as the best version of me that the fans have ever seen. I owe it to them to give them my 100% best every single time they see me because I’m new, I’m a rookie.”

Breakker is a rookie that has set a pace on the main roster that has created a demand to see him in the spotlight. While he was in WWE NXT, it was clear that Breakker had talent. His initial run was well-received. Even though he was a new performer, it was understandable why fans quickly rallied behind him. Even after his momentum slowed a bit, that pendulum swung back his way after he was paired with Baron Corbin and it hasn’t stopped yet. 

Where’s the ceiling? That’s not clear, but he’s expected to pick up his first singles title against Sami Zayn at WWE Money in the Bank. Gunther did an exceptional job reigniting interest in the Intercontinental Championship, and Breakker is the right choice to keep that flow going. He could go on a long run of his own, setting up several feuds that will help him grow along the way. There are so many talented performers on the Raw roster who would work opposite of Bron. It’s important to note that he doesn’t play the heel or babyface role, he’s simply there to be the best, which is important in today’s WWE presentation. Breakker screams the real deal and this is a big part of that. 

There’s no need to rush. Breakker is only 26 years old with three years of experience. WWE could keep him out of the main title picture for one to two more years before giving him a push to the top. Imagine Breakker being the one to topple a Homelander-like Cody Rhodes, or destroying CM Punk. Setting loose a wave of new talent making a run for the top. That’s the type of catalyst that Breakker can be for the WWE roster and this is exactly why he’s right about his potential being a main event talent. Here’s to hoping that WWE doesn’t mess this up along the way.