Changes to production are a big improvement to WWE product

Kevin Dunn's resignation created space for key improvements for WWE's weekly production.
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WWE is a powerhouse in the professional wrestling industry. For decades, the company coasted in that position, putting out a lackadaisical product that turned millions of fans away. Under Triple H’s creative leadership, things continue to move toward the 180-degree opposite. One way the company has been categorically praised is the shift in camera shots, entries, angles, and much more seen every week. WWE is killing it in the presentation department.

Fans and critics alike all thought the Kevin Dunn era of production was one of the biggest ills with WWE television. But few predicted the shift would be what is on television today.

There are several examples of changes in WWE’s presentation that would have been shot down years ago. Sami Zayn’s entrance against Chad Gable from a few weeks ago is a crowning example of such. Jey Uso walks out through the crowd to bump into Zayn, which then transitions to his entrance into the crowd, creating one of the best entrances in professional wrestling and even better than anything seen recently in combat sports. These are the types of shifts WWE needed to make to present itself at a level above its closest competitor in All Elite Wrestling, at least one area in which it can do so without question.

Another improvement is the inclusion of interviews in various locations. WWE has started having interviews at the top of the entranceway, with the giant screen and entrance positioned behind the performer. This is akin to where Megan Olivi walks and stands during UFC events, as she discusses the fighter walking out to the cage. AEW has even incorporated this tactic with Renee Paquette.

Video introductions of new performers is another tactic that’s occurring more frequently on television. While not new, it’s a great way to highlight new stars walking into the brand. Ilja Dragunov had an impressive run in WWE NXT, capturing the championship. Rather than assuming Monday Night Raw viewers were familiar with him, which would be a dangerous assumption based on compared nightly TV ratings, WWE gave Dragunov a video package before his match with Ricochet. Coupled with the action they put forth in that match, WWE has kept its momentum from NXT rolling forward.

Kevin Dunn’s resignation was a major moment for WWE and had an immediate impact on the product. The shows are astronomically better without him in the production chair. These are just three shifts in production the product has seen so far, and there’s room for much more innovation that the entire industry will benefit from down the line.