Charlie Dempsey is one fans should keep their eye on in WWE NXT

William Regal is back on WWE television and that will directly impact the rise of his son, Charlie Dempsey, on WWE NXT.
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WWE has a stacked roster of talented, young performers. Charlie Dempsey is one of those individuals and he’s someone that fans should keep a close eye on in 2024. He’s quietly toiled away as a part of WWE NXT since 2021, and this year is shaping up to be a big opportunity to see him pushed to new levels on that brand. And yes, that will be linked to his famous father, William Regal.

Dempsey has six years of experience under his belt but doesn’t come with accolades like many of his peers stepping onto bigger stages in wrestling. Before stepping into WWE, he spent time in organizations like Future Shock, WWN, and Evolve. But along the way, he didn’t pick up any major championships. Dempsey has truly flown under the radar, even with having such a prominent father in the industry. Now, Regal is back on NXT television and this should highlight the start of what could be an interesting run for Dempsey.

Dempsey recently traveled to Japan where he took part in three matches in AJPW, the feature of which being a nearly twenty-minute battle with Katsuhiko Nakajima for the Triple Crown Championship. Regal announced that Dempsey would be the WWE competitor to make the jump, drawing comparisons to him doing so decades earlier. While many raised concerns about WWE working with Japanese promotions, seeing the company trust this position with someone like Dempsey is an important note to reference when gauging his position in the company.

WWE has a deep roster in NXT and could have sent anyone. Someone like Drew Gulak, Dempsey’s stablemate in No Quarter Catch Crew, would have worked well – but the company went with Dempsey. He’s a frequently occurring performer on NXT and fans should expect to see more of him throughout the year. He has the skills in the ring, and as his character develops, it will be interesting to see how WWE leverages him, especially now that Regal can be shown on television.

A lot of unfamiliar faces will start their rise to the top in 2024. Charlie Dempsey is one of those names and fans should watch his role increase in WWE NXT throughout the year.