Danni Bee: '2024 is the Year of the King Bees'

ASE spotlights Black professional wrestlers on the independent scene, including talent like Danni Bee who is looking to build momentum in 2024.

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On February 24, ASÉ held its second show, ASÉ x BHM: A Black History Month Celebration. They also paid homage to wrestlers who came before them both with the Black Wrestling Museum with artifacts on display and by having Ron Simmons and Teddy Long involved with the show.

Last December, the first show featured two women's matches. The legendary Aja Kong faced Trish Adora in the main event, marking the first time that two Black women main-evented the historic Grady Cole Center. The match also had a Black woman as a ring announcer, Nadiah Hunter, and a Black woman referee, Yolanda "YoYo" Wright.

On the second show, ASÉ brought in Sonny Kiss to face Yahya. Mia Friday and Jada Stone made their debuts. Keira Hogan faced Charity King on the first show. King was invited back on the second show and brought back up, by her tag partner, Danni Bee. They had a tag team match (made by Long, of course) against Joseline Navarro and Raché Chanel.

Faye Jackson has also appeared on both shows. At ASÉ 1, Jackson appeared to pass some knowledge on to King. For the second show, Jackson was on commentary for King's match (keep this in mind for later).

Before the show, I had the opportunity to speak with the King Bees. Just a few days later (February 27), they became the NWA World Women's Tag Team Champions.

What does it mean to you (Charity) to be invited back to be on the second ASÉ show?

Charity King: It's honestly an honor. For me -- I don't know if this is real or not -- but for me it means that Darius (Lockhart) trusts me in some way. He trusts me to put on a good show. He trusts me to come in and do what I'm supposed to do. And also he has a lot of trust and faith in me that I am potentially a star or that I can be more than what I think I am. And so it's an honor to come back.

On the first show, we saw Faye talking to you. Did she give you some advice or something to keep in your back pocket for Kiera for later? Is it anything you can share?

Charity: You know what I can share is that it is important to have people who have been in the business for a long time on your side. It's very important for that. And see with that kind of knowledge, there's so much that the King Bees can now do with that knowledge. So, that's all we're going to say for now.

Could we potentially see Faye managing you?

Charity: Honestly, that don't sound like a bad idea!

Danni Bee: Let's manifest that! (They manifest)

Charity: Not a bad idea.

What does it mean to you to be on this show with Charity?

Danni: To be with my best friend during Black History Month on this show in North Carolina -- we're from Houston and came all the way to North Carolina -- so to be here today is a really big opportunity. I'm so excited tonight.

Does having your best friend and your partner here change your mindset and how you want to showcase yourself? What does it mean to have your partner with you this time around?

Charity: It feels safe in so many more ways. You have someone in the locker room that you can trust and you know. You have someone in the ring that you can trust and just feel safer. If folks felt like they knew Charity King before from one match, now imagine Charity King with the person she's been on the road with. With the person she's been training with from the start. Imagine who Charity King is now with that.

For fans who will be seeing you for the first time, what do you want fans to know about you?

Danni: I want them to know that Danni Bee is a light of fire, even more fire tagging with Charity King. We are a two-for-one deal and people don't even know what we have in store tonight. They're going to be so excited and we're ready to bring it.

Going back to ASÉ and having this platform that you have -- obviously for Black wrestlers in this space -- but also for women and people who are in the LGBTQ+ community, what does it mean to have a platfrom like that for you to showcase yourself and just be a part of this platform that Darius is putting out there?

Charity: Honestly, it's a huge deal because it's honestly not that many. There's people who talk a good game about wanting inclusivity with a lot of women's matches or a lot of Black wrestlers or a lot of LGBTQIA wrestlers. A lot of talk about it, but he's actually kind of putting action behind those words. Not only is he having multiple women's matches tonight, there's LGBTQIA representation on this show as well. So he's not just trying to have just one women's match so he can say (winks) he had a women's match. 'Women's empowerment! I had one women's match!' No, no, no. He's like, "by the way, I've got six women on the card. What's up?" Now it's your turn. So it's a very big opportunity for us to come here and be literally the showcase of the night."

To close out the interview, Bee wants everyone to know that "2024 is the Year of the King Bees, so you're going to be seeing way more of us!" King declared #KingBeeEra!

Keep up with the King Bees during their era on social media.

Charity King: @charityking_ (Twitter), @thecharityking (IG), @charityking (FB)

Danni Bee: @dannibeeokc on all platforms

To watch the replay of ASÉ x BHM, go to ASÉ's website and click "watch ASÉ" to purchase the show.