Dolph Ziggler as a surprise at AEW Worlds End has interesting potential

AEW doesn't need to sign any more individuals cut from WWE, but bringing in Dolph Ziggler has the potential to benefit the company and multiple names on the roster.
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All Elite Wrestling is set to end a successful 2023 campaign with the Worlds End PPV. There are several big matches on the card and more to be announced as the AEW Continental Classic closes out. Fans should expect some type of major surprise on the show, and perhaps that comes in the form of yet another signing. If AEW was looking to bring in any of the names recently released from the WWE, Dolph Ziggler stands out as one that would fit well within the company.

It makes sense that many AEW fans are pushing for the company to avoid signing any more individuals released from WWE. The company has done an excellent job avoiding the designation as the place where cast-offs are welcomed. Even more so, the organization does an excellent job reviving those individuals, almost giving them a second life. Look at the runs that Samoa Joe and Swerve Strickland are on as examples.

Ziggler had several big moments in WWE. The cash-in on Alberto del Rio is one of the best fan reactions in recent wrestling memory and should have been the catalyst that kicked him into a sustained main event run. Then there was the angle he and The Miz had surrounding the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Again, another fantastic angle that was well-received, but did not launch Ziggler to another level.

When it comes to all aspects of professional wrestling, Ziggler can deliver. When given the opportunity, he can put out character work that gets fans involved. And don’t forget his bell-to-bell work, Ziggler is among the best in that area too. He checks all the boxes as both a sports entertainer and a professional wrestler, and that is what makes a run in AEW compelling.

Imagine if he had the same opportunity to show that he can put out the wrestling that fans enjoy, just like Joe and Strickland are doing today. AEW could leverage a name like Ziggler to build some names off as well. Think of Ziggler taking on individuals like Powerhouse Hobbs, Daniel Garcia, or Konosuke Takeshita. Dolph Ziggler versus Ricky Starks in a prolonged angle with substantial promo battles? Yes, please. And of course, there’s the opportunity to create some comedic moments with Ziggler and his brother, Ryan Nemeth.

AEW doesn’t need to bring in any of the names recently dropped by WWE. The company boasts a roster that can go against any in the business. But if it were looking to bring in at least one name for a temporary run that could have long-lasting impacts, Dolph Ziggler is someone who could deliver in that role.

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