Drew McIntyre deserves the contract of his dreams from WWE

Drew McIntyre continues to kill it as a top name on Monday Night Raw and he should get a big new deal from the WWE.
WrestleMania 40
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Wednesday afternoon, Fightful Select sent out a contract update of sorts on Drew McIntyre. The update was that there wasn’t an update. According to the report, McIntyre does not have a new deal in place with WWE. But after the last few months, it is important that the company makes all the moves necessary to keep McIntyre on the roster.

Think back to 2001. Drew Bledsoe is the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots. He goes down to an injury early in the season and in steps Tom Brady. What would happen after that? Nothing much, other than Brady becoming perhaps the greatest quarterback to ever play the game. He got the opportunity because of an injury. While that was an unfortunate situation for Bledsoe, it was one that had a positive impact on Brady and everyone who would play with him for the next twenty years.

McIntyre might not have an exceptional twenty-year run with WWE on deck, but what he’s done in the last year has been some amazing professional wrestling and sports entertainment. CM Punk’s injury at the Royal Rumble opened the door for McIntyre to become the pettiest performer in the industry and ride that to not one, but two WrestleMania moments in the span of 15 minutes. He and Seth Rollins put on an excellent match that was a sprint from start to finish. Then his gloating in the face of Punk led to Damian Priest’s cash-in and a series of McIntyre memes that will not go away any time soon.

The Fightful Report states that his contract is expected to be over within the next few months. Between now and then, WWE must do what is necessary to keep this man on the roster. Endeavor-led organizations have a history of not negotiating particularly well with big name performers looking to optimize their earning potential. There are several examples, but Francis Ngannou stands out as the biggest name of note. Will that negotiating tactic, or lack thereof, find its way into WWE contract talks? That is still up in the air, but one thing is for sure, McIntyre must remain a part of the WWE roster.

Clash at the Castle is a little more than two months away. Set for June 15 from Glasglow, Scottland, which is a show that screams a McIntyre main event. Is he battling Damian Priest for the WWE World Heavyweight Title? Is he battling CM Punk? Perhaps it’s a triple threat between all three individuals. Regardless of the format, it should be a match where McIntyre stands tall at the end, either picking up a huge win over Punk or snatching that championship to finally get his run with fans able to attend to shower him with the praise he deserves. Anything outside of that would be promotional malpractice.

Drew McIntyre is a fantastic pro wrestler and sports entertainer. That was already known, but what he’s achieved in this iteration was widely unexpected but welcomed throughout the industry. He’ll achieve success wherever he ends up, but WWE must do all it can to keep him on the roster at all costs.