Five Bold WWE Royal Rumble Predictions

The WWE is full of surprises and they like to pull out the big ones around this time of year. With The Royal Rumble approaching, theses are the boldest that could take place.
Jan 28, 2023; San Antonio, TX, USA; Brock Lesnar enters the men   s Royal Rumble match at the WWE
Jan 28, 2023; San Antonio, TX, USA; Brock Lesnar enters the men s Royal Rumble match at the WWE / Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Everybody knows the motto that "anything can happen in the WWE." While the motto gets thrown around a lot and for moments that don't deserve the hype, there are plenty that do. Most recently, CM Punk's return to the WWE was one of those moments that had everybody using the motto. As a fan, those are the moments that you thrive for. Those bold moments have the fans in disbelief that the WWE just did whatever it is they just did. With The Royal Rumble approaching, the WWE has the opportunity to pull off multiple bold moments. Here are five of the boldest predictions that could take place at The Royal Rumble.

5. Dakota Kai Wins The Women's Royal Rumble Match

We are starting bold per usual but more tamed than most. While she may not be the most popular woman on the roster, any NXT fan can tell how great Dakota Kai is when given the opportunity. She has been a persistent workhorse that has barely been given her dues. She is a multiple-time NXT and WWE Women's Tag Team Champion but has failed to crack into success as a singles star. Despite being out of in-ring competition with an injury for months, it could be her time to return.

She has said that she would support Damage CTRL from the outside until she fully recovers in 2024. She didn't say when in 2024 but the year has arrived and it could be as early as this Saturday. With the descension in Damage CTRL, Kai has been the glue that has held everything together. She could decide to quit being that glue and allow chaos to take control. While Bayley is targeted, Kai could sit back and direct traffic.

Then when it is her time, she could strike and shock the entire WWE Universe by being the darkhorse winner of the biggest match of her career. A triple-threat match between the three original members of Damage CTRL at WrestleMania for the SmackDown Women's Championship could be on the scale that The Shield deserved to have received. While this is a bold prediction, Dakota's eventual push is not so bold.

4. Brock Lesnar Annihalates Gunther In The Rumble

The WWE hasn't seen many people go on such dominating runs as Gunther's. He has been dominating since the day he signed his contract. He has only been defeated a handful of times in all of the years since. He demolished Pete Dunne's record as the longest United Kingdom Champion and is now doing the same to The Honky Tonk Man's as Intercontinental Champion. There has been nobody to confront Gunther that he couldn't handle up to this point. However, there is always a bigger, stronger dog somewhere.

The fans were teased at last year's Rumble when Gunther and Brock met face-to-face. Not much came from the confrontation then, but it was enough to get the WWE Universe talking. The fans want more of Gunther and Brock Lesnar but it has been a minute since the latter has even been seen. It is about time that Lesnar reappears and there is no better time or place than The Royal Rumble. When Gunther is dominating the field, the timer should countdown, and "The Beast" should be the next man in his path.

When Lesnar and Gunther meet inside the Rumble for the second time, it is time for Lesnar to get his revenge for what Goldberg did to him years before. To tell the story right, Brock should dominate Gunther. He should be able to eliminate him quickly to infuriate Gunther to want revenge. The potential of an Intercontinental Championship reign could be enough to sway Lesnar to accept the challenge.

3. Jazz Makes Shocking Rumble Return

When the WWE talks about women who raised the standard for women's wrestling, Jazz is often left off that list and it is a pity. The WWE, TNA, and ECW veteran was a pioneer for the women's evolution. She made her mark in ECW before making her name as a multiple-time Women's Champion in the WWE. In a time when many didn't take the "divas" seriously, Jazz gave you no other choice. Knowing Jazz wrestled until her retirement in 2021, it's saddening to consider she could have had great a second WWE run.

However, she could have one more match in her. While Jazz has denied returning to the WWE and a potential Hall of Fame induction in the past, time changes everybody. Jazz's issues with the WWE were when it was under different management. Many are giving the WWE a second look and Jazz could be one of those on the list. The women's division has changed tremendously since Jazz even made her comments. With Triple H making calls, Jazz could be one of the boldest of those he makes.

Needless to say, if the smooth jazz of Jazz's theme music hits during the Royal Rumble match, fans will pop right out of their seats. While the prediction is bold, it would be a beautiful sight to see. Jazz is highly underappreciated for all her commitments to the business. Hopefully, her decision can be swayed and we will see Jazz eventually enter the WWE Hall of Fame.

2. TNA World Champion Moose Appears In Royal Rumble Match

Could the Forbidden Door be knocked open into the WWE? In the 2022 Women's Royal Rumble match, it was kicked open when then Impact Knockout's Champion Mickie James was announced as an entrant. The WWE could have had Mickie show up in a complete WWE gimmick with her WWE theme music but they made a bold move. Instead, they allowed Impact's version of Mickie James to appear. She arrived in an impactful fashion as "Hardcore Country" blared out and she came out with the Knockout's Championship.

While they were minor in the eyes of some, many so this as an earth-shattering moment. The powerhouse that is the WWE acknowledged Impact Wrestling on one of their biggest nights of the year. The casual wrestling fan may have never heard of the company until this night and that was thanks to one small move by the WWE. If recent rumors have any truth to them, TNA and the WWE could be on the verge of another shocking moment. That shocking moment would be no larger than TNA World Champion Moose appearing in the Royal Rumble match.

TNA has put their hopes in Moose to represent them as a strong champion. He won the TNA World Championship from Alex Shelley on TNA's first show but under their original name. He was selected to be the face of the company when everybody was watching. Confronted by the former Dolph Ziggler, a great showing in the Rumble match would help tell a compelling story for Moose and Nemeth while causing a positive buzz for the WWE.

1. The Viper Takes His Place At Head of the Table

The bolder the better, right? It says a tremendous amount about Roman Reigns' championship reign that this is the boldest prediction on the list. The WWE Universe is convinced that Roman will retain at The Royal Rumble and move on to defend the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship at WrestleMania 40. It seems impossible for Roman to lose the title this close to WrestleMania but as mentioned, anything can happen in the WWE. At the end of the day, the main goal is to tell a captivating story.

For example, going into WrestleMania 26, the WWE was telling the story of Edge versus Chris Jericho and the rematch between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. On the Road to WrestleMania, The Undertaker was the World Heavyweight Champion but by WrestleMania, Chris Jericho was champion. Shawn Michaels used costing The Undertaker the championship as a way to get his match against him. 14 events later, the WWE has a similar opportunity. The Rock and Roman Reigns colliding seems inevitable but it doesn't have to be for the championship.

The Rock could show up at The Royal Rumble, not as an entrant in the Rumble match, but as an outsider to interfere in Reigns's championship defense. While the odds are stacked enough in a fatal four-way match against three top-caliber superstars, the rules don't play in his favor. Even with Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso by his side, that only evens the numbers but doesn't give The Bloodline the edge. When the inevitable chaos takes place, The Rock could emerge to give somebody besides The Bloodline the numbers advantage for the first time in years.

For Roman and The Rock, being The Head of the Table is deeper than being the figurative "Big Dog" of the WWE. It is about being the head of the Anoa'i family dynasty. It is about being the head of the family table. The story between the two cousins is bigger than a championship match. However, the championship story could be much bigger for Randy Orton. After a career-threatening injury, Randy Orton fights back to become a 15-time World Champion. The same night that his former protege Cody Rhodes wins his second Royal Rumble in two years.

The story writes itself. Cody doing anything to finish the story while Randy is like Gollum with the ring with the championship. Cody Rhodes knows better than most of what Randy is capable of at his lowest moments. We could have a captivating story between the two if this is the bold direction that the company decides to go.