Hangman Adam Page will be the Wild Card for the Owen Hart Cup

The Young Bucks needed a heater to enter the tournament as the Wild Card and "Hangman" Adam Page makes perfect sense for all parties involved.
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During the June 29 edition of AEW Collision, a video played that clearly signaled “Hangman” Adam Page’s big return. The former AEW World Champion hasn’t been on television for a while, and fans are awaiting his return. They should be ready for him to go “full heel” as some would say, even aligning himself with The Elite to be selected as the Wild Card for the Owen Hart Cup Tournament. It would be an interesting development in Page’s arc in All Elite Wrestling. 

The Young Bucks have kicked Adam Page out of The Elite twice in just a few short years of AEW’s existence. It was one of the biggest moments that sent him down the spiral to become one of the biggest heroes in the company, to an antihero and perhaps finally the heel character he’s meant to be. The Bucks hinted at the Wild Card being a hand-picked performer they could trust. So why would they pick Page after the issues they’ve had with him in the past? 

Simple answer. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” All parties involved have an even bigger, immediate hate of Swerve Strickland. The current AEW World Champion hasn’t done the greatest job of making friends while being the face of the company. He has Will Ospreay on the horizon at Forbidden Door, but if he walks out of that it seems like The Bucks have targeted him for Blood and Guts in July. Page would have an interest in doing as much damage to Strickland as possible for all the torment he put him through during their feud. The two men hate each other, and Page is willing to side with The Bucks to get slotted into the tournament where a shot at the AEW World Championship is on the line. It all adds up. 

Hangman’s character arc in AEW remains one of the best stories the promotion has told to date. He’s gone from the chosen one, to anxious cowboy, the leader of the locker room, and now a man looking to protect what is his. Along the way, the support behind him has only grown. But is the world ready for this version of “Hangman” Adam Page? Only time will tell, but he’s coming back as the Wild Card for the 2024 edition of the Owen Hart Cup. Even if that means siding with The Young Bucks.