Harrison Butker and other celebrities WWE could use on TV

WWE has long featured celebrities in matches and segments. These three individuals popped up in headlines and would be a fun addition to any show.
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In one of the more surprising and trainwreck-inducing collaborations is coming to WWE. Sexxy Red is set to appear on the May 28 edition of WWE NXT. Many of those who watch WWE’s product will not have any idea who she is, but Sexxy Red has become one of the more captivating and talked about acts in the rap industry today. WWE has long looked to garner mainstream attention through celebrities from other industries, and if the company continues this wild trend, here are three individuals who could be interesting crossovers for the largest wrestling company in the world.

Megan Thee Stallion

If Sexxy Red is a major rap star, then Megan Thee Stallion transcends that industry. While she broke through via rap, she’s become a bigger icon in music and is headed on a trajectory to break out into other industries. She’s already had some minor interactions with the wrestling world through Bianca Belair, and she should be the gateway that brings her into the WWE. Imagine a scenario where Megan, Bianca Belair, Jade Cargill, and Naomi are in the ring, only to be interrupted by say Tiffany Stratton. Ending the segment with Megan dropping Stratton would be the headline-grabbing moment that WWE covets.

Harrison Butker

Now, don’t get the pitchforks out yet. Harrison Butker became a household name when he gave a highly controversial commencement speech at Benedictine College. He offended nearly every group that could be offended in a speech that made him more famous than any kick he’s scored. While the debate community argues about what he said, there’s space for WWE to take advantage of the foolishness.

The next time WWE goes to Kansas City, Butker needs to be in the front row. From there, a woman like Nia Jax or Piper Niven drags him over the barricade and the majority of the women’s division beats him down in the middle of the ring, through the backstage, only to throw him into the trash in the back of the arena. For that one moment, heels and babyfaces in the women’s division would work together to put the boots to him. Butker’s comments were highly offensive and hopefully one or two of the ladies would land a shoot punch or kick. You can get the pitchforks for Butker after that.

Danielle Fishel

Danielle Fishel, better known as Topanga from Boy Meets World isn’t new to professional wrestling, but her name has recently popped up in headlines. She’s admitted to wanting to be put through a table. Well, if there’s anywhere that can happen it is in WWE. Bully Ray isn’t as over as he once was, but he’s not the only one who could put Fishel through the wood. She may not be as big of a star as the other two mentioned on this list, but it would still be a hilarious moment to see her take a bump in the ring.

As celebrities continue to look for more viral, headline-grabbing moments, expect more of them to end up in a WWE ring in one way or another. Especially with Endeavor powering the machine.