How to make your own eFed in WWE 2K24 and other wrestling games

One of the more popular features in WWE 2K games is the ability to build your own wrestling promotion. Some influencers make it into a tiny career thanks to YouTube and editing software. Here are some tips for making your own.
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1. Be prepared to make everything

Games like WWE 2K24 allow you to make every aspect of your wrestling promotion. Not only do you have to make a full roster of wrestlers, belts, and arenas, but you need to build a logo, transition screens, set scenery, and venues. When you realize that creating assets is a huge undertaking that cause some serious fatigue in your process. Allow yourself enough time to make venues, themes, music, and Titantrons. It will take forever, but you only have to make it once.

I use a very rudimentary builder in Wrestling Empire. All the assets are based on very general wrestling gear. I am not picky about how the venue, ring and my wrestlers look like. Everything seems like very bad cosplay. Some of the best influencers spend all their time uploading assets and logos into WWE 2K until they get the photo accurate gameplay.

2. Editing and commentary

Now that you made a roster of twenty wrestlers, a weekly show format, and proper entrances you need to book shows and make storylines. I find the easiest way to do this is on the PC. You play each match in exhibition mode and record your screen. But that is just the beginning. Then you need to put the footage in an editor and add the features that make it official.

Currently, there are no ways to make your own storylines (at least exactly how you want them) in WWE 2K so you will need to splice together footage with voice actors or use still images. It's not ideal, but many influencers have found ways around it. My eFed is not very serious and involves hastily made video game characters so I can make silly slideshows.

Another task you need to accomplish is commentary. Recording over your footage is a whole other art that takes a knack for sport's journalism. NewLegacyInc has done an amazing job adding comedy and flair to their wrestling footage.

It's a big part of professional eFeds and I am hoping one day that commentary and storylines can be done in-game.

3. Scheduling and consistency

Now that you made all your assets and the editor is cued up for commentary and story, you need to book the shows and create enjoyable episodes. I suggest keeping your shows as short as possible, knowing that your watchers will give you three minutes of viewing before deciding if they want to subscribe. Get right to the point of the action.

Keep in mind that your matches are based on two computers wrestling each other. The WWE 2K series is very good about keeping the matches smart and to the point. Wrestling Empire has unpredictable AI that can make your matches look wonky if the AI does dumb things. You might want to edit your matches if they go too long. No one was able to sit through my fifteen minute battle royale.

If you like your product and your fans dig your show, then you are ready to show a consistent episode every week (or whatever you decided on). Keep to the schedule and don't give up. If you keep engaging the audience with your passion project you might create diehard fans. Your creativity and imagination is your only limit.

Here is what I made: Video Game Wrestling

4. Community is everything

Anyone with a wifi and a dream can make an eFed, but it will most likely stay in obscurity on Twitch or YouTube unless you have a way to market it or you have a community to share it with. EFeds are a ton of fun to make and imagine, but the discouragement of trying to get one off the ground can kill it. My first video got 5 views in the first 48 hours (and that is after I shared the link three times). Like any YouTube gig, you need to find and build a community that loves your product as much as you do. Getting an audience is a full time job.