It's time for the AEW women's division to get a Blood & Guts match

Blood & Guts is a huge match on the AEW schedule and it would be great to see the women's division get some time in the cage.
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There’s a lot going on in professional wrestling this year. Big partnerships, surprise matches, and major signings. Fans want to continue to see new things within all promotions, and that includes seeing All Elite Wrestling give women some of the same specialty matches seen in the men’s division. That includes Blood & Guts, which is coming in a few short weeks.

The 2024 edition of the steel cage match is set for Wednesday, July 24th. Expectations are that The Elite will take on some other iteration of “Team AEW,” possibly including AEW World Champion, Swerve Strickland. There are several opinions on that, with some in support and others opposed of the idea of another authority-figure storyline in pro wrestling. But what is AEW went in a different direction and finally allowed the women to step into the cage.

“I love Blood & Guts so much. That is my favorite Dynamite to watch,” Skye Blue said when speaking to Iridian Fierro for WGN Radio and Fightful. “To be the first woman to have a Blood & Guts match, I would cry.”

That type of energy is probably shared by several women on the roster. Tony Khan’s comments and actions toward the women’s division have been chronicled several times over. There’s firm evidence that shows the equality in booking and time isn’t there. That’s even true when looking at the specialty matches available. Khan hasn’t confirmed whether the women will have a Continental Classic tournament this year. They’ve also never had a Face of the Revolution ladder match. Again, the equality just isn’t there.

Fans have pushed for the women’s division to get the chance to have the big match. The most obvious time to book that match was back when The AEW Originals were battling The Outcasts. That didn’t come to fruition. Now, the women’s division features more storylines and more characters beyond just the champions. But there isn’t the same overarching opportunity to book groups against each other. Still, imagine the reception that would come if Mercedes Mone, Kris Statlander, Willow Nightingale, and several others were brought together for a huge match such as this. There are some big names on this roster and they would be able to pull this match off.

AEW fans want to see the women’s division get its time in the spotlight. There’s a big one coming with Blood and Guts in July. Will this opportunity go toward the women’s division? Probably not, but that should be addressed in the future to see the women get the time to shine.