Jay White must get the AEW World Championship in 2025

AEW features several top performers waiting in the wings, and Jay White is one that should get to the AEW World Championship.
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All Elite Wrestling has an extraordinary roster. This group of performers can go name-for-name against any roster ever created across history and stand out with some of the stars listed. Tony Khan had a vision of the first four individuals to hold the AEW World Championship, but that time has long passed. Looking toward the future, it is harder to tell who will rise to the top to grab that title. As debates rage, there’s one name that must be included in the conversation and that is Jay White.

Jay White is a consummate professional wrestler and sports entertainer. Not only can he talk the talk, but he has the looks and can go in the ring with any opponent. At 6’1, 220 pounds no one can chide him for his size or presentation. Jay White has it all.

Still, some have questioned the effectiveness of his run since joining AEW in 2023. Many felt he was a better fit for WWE, and reports were that the company wanted him but a “hiring freeze” put the steps in motion for him to end of in AEW. He’s found a bit of success as the AEW World Trios and Ring of Honor World Six-Man Tag Team Champions, but where he shines is as a singles star. Look at his run in New Japan where he held the top singles titles available in the company.

White should have similar success in AEW, but how does he get there? It seems like he’s well behind in the pecking order when it comes to the men’s division. Swerve Strickland is the champion and in the early days of his championship reign. Will Ospreay is a fan favorite that’s surely going to hold that title. What about MJF’s eventual return? Could Bryan Danielson get a run to close out his career? Will Chris Jericho snap his finger and suddenly be champion again? Kidding (only slightly) on that last one. Still, it’s hard to carve out a path to the world championship for White in the coming months.

That’s why the agenda for a Jay White title run needs to begin in 2025. Khan must book him to have a strong run that includes battles with AEW superstars like Kenny Omega, Swerve, Adam Cole, PAC, and all the others. He’s already well-protected in the company. According to Cagematch, he’s lost only three singles matches, while picking up 20 wins. The other seven of his total ten defeats have come in multi-man or tag matches where his teammates eat the pin. If AEW is making it a point to keep him strong, there’s hope that leads to something bigger as a singles performer.

Jay White is a superstar if given the opportunity to step into that space. When it was clear he was leaving NJPW, it was clear that whoever picked him up would get a key, main event player. He’s on the AEW roster and even though there are several names who would thrive as champion, White needs to be higher up on that list and get the belt in 2025.