Je'Von Evans is poised to be a star

WWE NXT has a new superstar on their roster and his name is Je'Von Evans.
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Je'Von Evans is highly regarded as The Young OG of WWE NXT. He has quickly made a name for himself on the developmental brand. He just turned 20 years old back in April and has already solidified himself as one of the top wrestlers in the men's division NXT. This comes with great timing, especially since early April was his first appearance in a video package at NXT Stand & Deliver.

Before we were made aware of his bounciness and freakish athletic ability in NXT, Evans spent his earlier days at Deadlock Pro-Wrestling under the ring name Jay Malachi. He would spend a few years there until he signed with WWE back in December of 2023.

His name began to surface as a top up-and-comer on the wrestling circuit, but once he made his NXT debut against SCRYPTS, the world was made aware. Once Evans got the co-sign from Booker T, "This kid is going to be a star one day," it was all she wrote.

It is unreal how comfortable and congenial Evans is in the ring, especially at such a young age. His debut was so impressive to both the WWE Universe and WWE personnel, that the following week the kid would answer an open challenge to face Ilja Dragunov (who was the NXT Champion at the time).

For a new superstar on the brand, it has to be the best two-week run of any superstar I've ever seen. Seizing another opportunity, Evans once again won over the WWE Universe with his performance in this match. While everything was already going great for Evans to begin his NXT tenure, it all changed for the better when he won a 20-man battle royal (or at least we thought) on NXT to become the number one contender for the NXT Championship.

Just like that, a star was born. Not long after losing a tremendous amount of talent due to call-ups to the main roster in the 2024 WWE Draft, NXT was in desperate need to produce some new stars for the future, and quickly. As we have all seen, the match he qualified for to compete for the NXT title turned into a fatal four-way match that led to Evans being the fall guy to Ethan Page. Although he was pinned, Evans was the MVP of the match and has elevated himself even more.

It was unsure how an audience of several thousands would react to Evans. How many are aware of him outside of NXT? How many outside of WWE? Those questions were answered quickly, let's face it, the kid has aura.

All in all, Evans is just getting started. If his journey doesn't land him the NXT title anytime soon, there isn't any reason why he couldn't be the one to outsmart and out bounce an Oba Femi for the NXT North American title. The future is bright for this young man and he is poised to be a star.