Kazuchika Okada vs PAC has the makings to steal the show at AEW Dynasty

AEW Dynasty brings together two of the best wrestlers in the world and those two are none other than PAC and Kazuchika Okada.
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AEW Dynasty is a big card with several top-tier matches. Samoa Joe defending against Swerve Strickland, FTR versus The Young Bucks, and Bryan Danielson versus Will Ospreay are just a few. But Kazuchika Okada versus PAC is just as big a moment. Fans already recognize that Okada is one of the best performers in the industry, but by the time the match is over PAC will remind everyone that he belongs on that same short list.

Let’s get the first part out of the way, Okada is going to win this match. It wouldn’t make any sense to have him come into All Elite Wrestling and lose his first PPV match. Yes, PAC is a threat. He’s a former singles and trios champion. His track record speaks volumes. He’s put on fantastic matches for AEW since day one. But he’s not going to be the first man to pin Okada’s shoulders to the mat.

There’s a reason Okada walked into AEW and immediately defeated hometown favorite, Eddie Kingston, to take the Continental Championship. Okada holding that title is going to build the prestige of that belt, with someone taking that momentum when they finally defeat him. PAC isn’t the one to do so, and he doesn’t need that spot.

But what he does need is to remind people that he’s one of the best. While there’s a lot to love about PAC’s run in AEW, the gaps of time that he missed, whether by his choice or due to the pandemic or unfortunate injury, continually curbed his momentum. Could PAC have reached championship status sooner? Perhaps even winning the AEW World Championship, potentially so, but the time away didn’t help him one bit.

While many may point to Danielson versus Ospreay or Swerve versus Joe as the favorites to be the match of the night, PAC versus Okada will have a lot to say about that distinction. This is the type of match that PAC could wrestle as if he has something to prove. It’s the type of match that will leave fans talking coming out of the PPV and those are the exact ones that tend to steal the show.

There are several reasons to purchase AEW Dynasty on Sunday, April 21. PAC versus Okada is one of the biggest dream matches the company could put together. Fans and critics should be excited about this match because it is going to be an excellent showcase of professional wrestling.