Kelani Jordan is a perfect WWE babyface

Kelani Jordan won the inaugural NXT Women's North American Championship and this should start her push as a strong babyface character for the promotion.
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WWE NXT is building the future of the company. This is especially true when looking at the future of the women’s division. Names such as Roxanne Perez, Tiffany Stratton, Lash Legend, and Sol Ruca are prepared to be the next phase of top performers for WWE. There’s one individual who snatched her place in history at NXT Battleground, and that is Kelani Jordan. WWE has the opportunity to build her into an amazing babyface both in NXT and eventually on the main roster.

Jordan found a way to climb to the top of the ladder in the UFC APEX to become the inaugural WWE NXT Women’s North American Champion. It’s the mid-card title that WWE desperately needs for a women’s division that is bubbling over with talent. Seeing Jordan win that match shows that WWE has trust in her upside. Jordan is only 25 years old, started her wrestling career in 2022, and has only 63 matches on her resume, all of which happened in WWE according to Cagematch. She’s the perfect blank slate that can be crafted into an underdog babyface to build around for the future.

It will be interesting to watch Jordan’s growth from this point. As mentioned, she’s young with little experience in the ring. Her Cagematch profile shows only one singles match that has lasted longer than ten minutes. That was the May 7th match against Fallon Henley on NXT in which she was booked to lose. Still, WWE is giving her several reps a week which is surely going to build her abilities to wrestle in the WWE style.

Kelani Jordan is a prime example of a young performer who will benefit from a long run in NXT. There should be no rush to push her up to the main roster. Both SmackDown and WWE Raw are stacked with women. In fact, the company needs to find a way to get more relevant stories within that division onto both of those shows. While that is fleshed out, Jordan should be booked with a lengthy run as the first NXT North American Champion, seeing her perform from underneath much of the way. Is it too soon to say that she’s NXT Women’s Championship material? Perhaps, but that is the whole point of NXT, building these young and athletic signees into the names fans will want to see for years to come.

In some ways, Kelani Jordan’s victory at NXT Battleground was a surprise. But in looking at that roster and what she brings to the table, she’s the perfect babyface to help cement that new championship.