Lola Vice seems poised to get a bigger push in WWE NXT

Lola Vice looks to be on an expedited rise to the top of WWE NXT after her transition from MMA starting back in 2022.
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NXT has led the way when it comes to presenting women’s wrestling on weekly WWE television. The show has helped establish fresh faces like Roxanne Perez, Tiffany Stratton, Cora Jade, Kiana James, and plenty more. Fans should be prepared for a new face to join that list as it seems WWE is setting up a big push for Lola Vice.

Vice is carrying the NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament contract and that is usually a gateway to a championship win. Jordan Myles (also known as ACH), the 2019 tournament winner, is the only individual who has not picked up a title win with the contract, so the odds are in Vice’s favor. But there are questions about why Vice is getting such a position so soon in her run with the company.

Vice signed with WWE in 2022, making a surprise change in career after a brief stint as a mixed martial artist. Even though she put together a 4-1 career with that company, there were rumblings that she reached the limit of her development as an MMA competitor and that wouldn’t be able to break through to the upper echelon. The transition has suited her well so far, but there’s still room for improvement if she’s going to match what many of the aforementioned ladies bring to the women’s division every week.

In the past, the winner of the NXT Breakout Tournament has cashed in rather quickly – at least when compared to the Money in the Bank briefcase. Oba Femi wasted little time and he’s become the NXT North American Champion. Vice has held that contract since the October 31 victory over Kelani Jordan in the tournament final. Booking her to hold the contract longer is the right move, giving her more time to develop and round out some of the cringe-worthy aspects of her performance and character.

Pairing her and pitting her against Elecktra Lopez was also the right call. Their split seems very premature and especially predictable, as WWE has shown an itchy trigger finger when it comes to splitting up women’s teams. Lopez is one that fans have kept their eyes on and has a following of her own, but the expectations should be that she’ll drop multiple matches to Vice along the way. This can give Vice some more time before she gets that opportunity to stand at the top of the division which can come around NXT Stand & Deliver in April.

WWE NXT viewers may not be excited about the prospect of Lola Vice getting prime booking, but that’s clearly the direction the brand is heading in with her. The cringe factor that made her a hotly talked about topic in MMA has followed her into professional wrestling, and it will be interesting to see how far it carries her and how fast that may come.