Mercedes Mone's statement shows why AEW is necessary in wrestling

WWE attempted to block Mercedes Mone doing outside ventures and that's exactly why AEW is needed in wrestling.
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Mercedes Mone is a deserving star in professional wrestling. She’s shown her power as both a draw and an in-ring performer. Still, her run in WWE was marred with issues when it came to WWE outright avoiding promoting her success, especially when it came to outside the ring. Mone recently spoke about her time filming The Mandalorian and how that experience impacted her move to AEW. This is a strong example of why AEW is a better place for some performers in wrestling based on their goals and desires.

While a part of the WWE roster, Mone was able to achieve serval major feats outside the ring. This included being a featured character on the hit Disney show, The Mandalorian. As she solidified herself as a crossover name, the WWE looked the other way. In what should have been a huge crossover with an excellent Star Wars platform, WWE never mentioned her success on TV. But they did mention Mone’s success when talking to investors, highlighting itself as the catalyst that led to her stardom. All the while, putting roadblocks in Mone’s way when it came to filming the show.

“Yes [there were restrictions],” Mone said while speaking to WFAN. “That’s definitely a big reason why I came to AEW. Even doing The Mandalorian was pulling teeth with the WWE, to even try and get time off to film that show. Tony Khan says, whatever I need. If I need the private jet to go from filming in LA to coming for a show, it’s available for me.”

While that comment will certainly fire up some of Mone’s biggest haters, it’s a comment that can’t be ignored. There are several known examples of how WWE attempted to hinder its performers from doing additional work outside of the promotion. Think back to the company disallowing performers to use Cameo or Twitch streaming to build revenue for themselves. That led to a big backlash and even Zelina Vega leaving the company. AEW doesn’t put those blockades in place and that makes it a perfect alternative for those working in the industry.

If a performer wants to work a schedule where they can return home from time to time and AEW gives them access to that? Perfect. If a performer wants to explore opportunities in movies or music without hindrance from the promotion, AEW offering that as an incentive to sign is the right move. WWE attempting to block those opportunities only furthered the need for an alternative, which AEW is fulfilling.

Imagine making the decision to limit Mercedes Mone/Sasha Banks’s ability to build her crossover appeal. Making that decision played a big part in why she’s in AEW today. If that helps the company become a stronger alternative for wrestlers and workers in the business, then the best work is being done.