Mustafa Ali is ready to set the wrestling world on notice

Mustafa Ali kicked off his post-WWE campaign with the announcement of a world tour that targets some of the biggest names in the industry.
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December 21 marked the end of the 90-day clause for many of the people impacted by the last round of WWE releases. Fans are watching closely to see what some of their favorite superstars will do next. Mustafa Ali is one individual that had a wealth of support and the announcement he dropped on that date let the world know that he’s ready to get back to work and set the wrestling world on fire.

Ali took to social media to drop a two-minute video where he delivered a rousing promo as a political candidate who has shunned his former party and is ready to push out on his path. That path would take him through some of the best performers in the industry, including Kazuchika Okada, Will Ospreay, and Swerve Strickland.

While the video got everyone excited, what followed was the massive surprise as fans were hit with a series of match announcements. GCW, Progress Wrestling, DEFY, Prestige Wrestling and other groups revealed some major upcoming matches. On February 10 he will join Penta El Zero, El Hijo Del Vikingo, and Gringo Loco in what should be an amazing four-way match for the Dreamwave Alternative Championship. Then there is the big match against Mike Bailey for Prestige on February 25. Keep an eye on that one as an early Match of the Year contender.

Ali’s reveal and the match listings were immediately welcomed by fans. The video that he dropped has more than 1.7 million views since he posted it. Ali was always a popular performer in WWE, but many detractors attempted to put that popularity on the platform rather than the performer. This initial response is a big push back on that idea. It will be interesting to see how his presence on these cards impacts fan attendance and viewership when the time comes. With WrestleMania week being a big series of events for independent wrestling, Ali would be a featured talent across many of those cards.

Moments like this boost excitement in professional wrestling. Seeing Mustafa Ali get a loud chorus of support as he announces his next step shows that there is life outside the WWE and other big promotions in the industry. Hopefully, this momentum and world tour will carry Ali to some big moments and the career-recognition fans have long wanted to see him receive.

Next. Mustafa Ali would be a perfect addition to AEW. Mustafa Ali would be a perfect addition to AEW. dark