Nic Nemeth has started 2024 as the man to watch in wrestling

Nic Nemeth has popped up in both New Japan Pro Wrestling and TNA, kicking off what looks to be an action-packed 2024.
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We are two weeks into 2024 and it is Nic Nemeth who has grabbed headlines and got the industry talking. Between Wrestle Kingdom 18 and TNA Hard to Kill, the man formerly known as Dolph Ziggler has made it clear that he intends to make sure fans and critics alike remember that he’s one of the best in the industry. Without having a single match yet, Nemeth is already one of the names to keep a close eye on this year.

Moose captured the TNA World Championship for the second time, bringing an end to Alex Shelley’s long-desired run as the top champion in the company. Before Moose could even celebrate, Nemeth was making his debt. That video has 592 thousand views on TNA’s YouTube channel less than 24 hours after her debut. That total is exponentially higher than any other video on their page. Nemeth has already given a boost to the company.

But don’t forget about his appearance in New Japan as well. NJPW and TNA continue to work together, as talent pops back and forth between two companies. It will be interesting to see how Nemeth is used in this partnership. Are we heading back to a situation like Kenny Omega when he became “The Belt Collector?” Some may roll their eyes at that idea, but best believe that Nemeth can perform at that level in all facets.

Professional wrestling is more exciting when multiple promotions see an upswing in business. That includes signing new stars that can become an attraction for the company. Nic Nemeth is such an individual and his last two weeks have sparked the most intrigue in what he’s doing than he’s had in years. Fun times are coming.