Queen Aminata has all the tools to be a big star for AEW

AEW boasts a strong women's division with several top names, but do not look past Queen Aminata who has everything it takes to be a main event player.
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Free agency remains one of the biggest talking points in professional wrestling this year. Several top names are performing in what could be called “contract years,” and anyone familiar with professional sports knows that these years can see major performances. While AEW is “winning” the free agency battle in the eyes of many with signings like Kazuchika Okada, Will Ospreay, and Mercedes Mone, there’s one recent signing that flew under the radar but has the potential to be a major payoff. That is the addition of Queen Aminata, a performer who has all the tools to be a star for this women’s division.

Back in January, Fightful reported that Aminata was signed to AEW. Daily DDT sources can confirm that she was signed long before her appearances in AEW and ROH increased. As she’s continued to show up in both brands, more are familiarizing themselves with the talented performer. So much so, that there’s a pudding push to see her featured on the main AEW shows.

Aminata checks all the boxes when it comes to professional wrestling. She has an incredibly unique look compared to her peers and her stature allows her to present as a towering force compared to many other women on the roster. According to Cagematch, she has six years of experience which includes several important independent promotions like Warrior Wrestling, Battle Slam, Shimmer, and others. She even took part in a match against the Kabuki Warriors during a 2019 episode of WWE SmackDown.

Aminata’s success in the ROH Women’s World TV Title tournament shows that there’s already trust in her abilities. Along the way, she’d have great matches against the likes of Red Velvet and Taya Valkyrie. She recently picked up a win over Anna Jay on Rampage as well. It’s rare that fans see a newer talent without a big profile in the women’s division get featured as often as Aminata, and even more rare to see them pick up important wins. But this is a testament to the talent that she brings to the company.

Imagine a situation in which Mercedes Mone needs to bring in some backup to deal with the mounting opposition coming her way. Aminata would be perfect for that role. She already towers over Mone and their pairing could give a real Shawn Michaels and Diesel type of vibe. And that’s just one way in which she could become a bigger player as this women’s division continues to flesh itself out.

AEW has a roster packed with talented women. While all eyes may be on individuals like Toni Storm, Athena, or Mariah May – pay special attention to Queen Aminata as she has all the tools to be a big star.