Ranking the top five wrestlers who never won the Royal Rumble

Winning the Royal Rumble is a big moment for any superstar but these are five names that even though they were top stars, never won the big one.
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Chris Jericho

I had a tough time where numbers two and three should go, they could easily be switched.  However, I feel Chris Jericho is in the right position as he hasn’t had many memorable Rumble moments, but he has put the work in.

He holds the record for cumulative time in the Royal Rumble at just under five hours and has the seventh longest time in one Royal Rumble match in 2017 at 1:00:13. However, if there is one Rumble that Jericho would’ve traded the records for one victory it was 2012.

Jericho made his return to WWE at the beginning of 2012 and entered himself in the Royal Rumble match.  Fans thought this would be the year that Jericho won the Royal Rumble after so many attempts.

He was in the final two that year with Sheamus, another favorite to win the Royal Rumble.  But his ending was not the one he envisioned, as he was standing on the apron, he took a big boot from Sheamus that knocked him to the floor thus being eliminated and losing the Rumble.

While he competed in a few more Royal Rumble matches, this was the closest he ever got to winning the Rumble.  Could Jericho make one more try at winning this prestigious match?  You never know but it wouldn’t surprise me if Jericho gave it one more shot.