Ranking the top five wrestlers who never won the Royal Rumble

Winning the Royal Rumble is a big moment for any superstar but these are five names that even though they were top stars, never won the big one.
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When discussing the greatest competitors in Royal Rumble history, Kane is certainly on the list.  The man who held the record for thirteen years of most eliminations in one Royal Rumble, who has more eliminations than anybody in Royal Rumble history, and has competed in the most Royal Rumble matches, Kane has done it all.

But he never won the Royal Rumble.  This dominating monster was always a favorite entering the Rumble and, on many occasions, made it to the final four, but it’s the 2001 Rumble that got away from him.

Entering at number six and staying in the match for fifty-three minutes, Kane did everything he could to win it all.  It came down to him and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in a memorable final two and a few chair shots from Austin later, Kane was eliminated.

While Kane had many more chances to win the Rumble unlike the other wrestlers on this list, the 2001 Royal Rumble is the one where he had his greatest chance to win it all and he never did.

So those are the top five wrestlers to have never won the Royal Rumble.  There will be other wrestlers who in the future will join this list, but will they come as close as these five men?

To every fan who has ever watched the Royal Rumble, winning this match is truly the stuff dreams are made of.