Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor 2024 Predictions

It's WrestleMania weekend and that means the competition is going to fill that weekend with their best wrestling events. Ring of Honor is hosting Supercard of Honor on April 5th, one of their flagship shows. Here are the predictions.

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First, let's talk about the elephant in the room. Supercard of Honor doesn't have a super card; at least not in length. Five matches have been announced two days before the event. The tag-team, Pure, and 6-man team title matches have not been announced. Four of the five matches that have been booked are based on the last four weeks of storytelling. ROH's weekly show has been notorious for leaving out titleholders. Only Athena and Kyle Fletcher have set foot in the ring. Supercard has to pull together a PLE with minimal backup from the weekly tapings.

Billie Starkz vs. Queen Aminata (Finals for the Women's TV title)

AEW/ROH pulls out their famous, if you can't make a story then make a tournament angle. The entire women's locker room competed in the bracket, but now it is down to Starkz and Aminata. Billie lost a brutal world title match to Athena, so I believe her time has come to get some gold around the waist. The Women's TV title would be a perfect fit for the young wrestler. Queen Aminata was in the spotlight because she is a tank and she celebrated Ramadan while competing, but no other significant signs point to her getting a W.

Prediction: Billie Starkz takes home the TV title

Kyle Fletcher vs. Lee Johnson (Men's TV title)

Seems like only a few months ago ROH held its men's tournament for the TV title. Kyle Fletcher lit up the ring in NJPW so it only made sense to give him the tag belts and the TV title in ROH. Lee Johnson is a young bull ready to charge and make a name for himself. His entire storyline is "I won a few matches and that makes me awesome." Unfortunately for him, I don't believe Lee is going to walk away with the belt. ROH likes to test the water with their rookies facing the champions (see Starkz vs. Athena), but that doesn't guarantee that Fletcher is ready to step down. His last match with Blake Christian was intense. For the record, I want Lee Johnson to win it because ROH needs to start celebrating their homegrown wrestlers instead of giving belts to NJPW graduates.

Prediction: Kyle Fletcher retains

Mina Shirakawa, Maika, & Mei Seira vs. Saya Kamitani, Tam Nakano, & AZM

The ladies of Stardom are having a showcase match and this is strictly for teasing ROH's partnership with Stardom. This reminds me of when AEW's 2019 Double or Nothing showcased Hikaru Shida, Riho, and Ryo Mizunami vs. Aja Kong, Emi Sakura, and Yuka Sakazaki. The hope is that the international talent will start integrating into the main roster and receive their own storylines. It won't matter who wins this 6-woman match as long as we see the winners move on to a deeper career at ROH. Mina Shirakawa beat Anna Jay in the main event in episode 56, so I am guessing that her team will win. I expect nothing but an entertaining match that will get the necessary pops.

Prediction: Mina Shirakawa, Maika, & Mei Seira win

Athena vs. Hikaru Shida (Women's World Title)

A few weeks ago, Athena came out and ranted that the roster was too easy to beat and that she was a bored champion. Out came Hikaru Shida, the pinch hitter for AEW. Hikaru is a three-time women's champ and it makes sense that she would be the best competition against Athena. The remaining weeks had Athena treating Hikaru like Hollywood Hogan treated Goldberg. Hikaru will humiliate Athena with her elite wrestling antics, but Athena will cheat her way to a victory. I really hope Athena does not lose to Hikaru in the same way that Becky Lynch beat Tiffany Stratton for the NXT title. Let the ROH stars win their own darn belt. But if Hikaru does become the next ROH champ then I hope it is a promising underdog that beats her.

Prediction: Athena retains

Eddie Kingston vs. Mark Briscoe (Men's World Title)

Eddie Kingston rose from NWA stand-in to the hottest mid-card in NJPW/ROH/AEW. They practically threw every mid-card belt at him and when that wasn't enough they had him dominate a tournament just to win another one. To be honest, I am not sure what belt he is putting on the line. In AEW it is called the Continental belt. In NJPW it is the Strong Openweight belt. In ROH it is called the ROH World Champion. Whatever it is called, I am predicting that Eddie will lose this one.

Okada humiliated Eddie in a non-title match, which prompted him to challenge Briscoe in a no-holds-barred slugfest. There will be blood, but Briscoe has the home-team advantage. Supercard of Honor is being hosted at the birthplace of Ring of Honor, which features one of the original roster members in the main event. If this doesn't scream title change, then ROH is missing the boat. It's hard to tell if Mark will make a good champion because ROH is allergic to putting their champions in their weekly show. Even this storyline didn't have a single man entering the arena but opted to have them do video interviews. I hope the changing of the guard puts Mark front and center in the weekly taping.

Prediction: Mark Briscoe is your new World Champion

Dalton Castle vs. Johnny TV (rumored match)

This match isn't stated on the Ring of Honor website, but Wikipedia seems to think it's going to happen. Every week, Dalton has been screaming at Johnny to return his boys to his side. Johnny says that they were eaten by a bear (go figure). Leave it to Dalton Castle to add whimsy, goofiness, and color to a show that is completely stone-faced and serious 90% of the time. He handles his persona like a young Jim Carrey. Johnny TV and Tara Valkyrie are being mega heels, leaving the audience to rally behind the former ROH world champion. If this match does happen (because it should) then it will be strictly entertaining. Dalton Castle will trounce Johnny TV with his boys making a glorious return.

Prediction: Dalton Castle is reunited with his boys