Ronda Rousey accuses Drew Gulak of grabbing sweatpants strings while in WWE

Ronda Rousey recalls a situation where she confronted Drew Gulak over touching her sweatpants backstage.

Apr 2, 2023; Inglewood, CA, USA; Ronda Rousey (black attire) and Shotzi (green hair) during
Apr 2, 2023; Inglewood, CA, USA; Ronda Rousey (black attire) and Shotzi (green hair) during / Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

As more news is revealed about the Janel Grant lawsuit against Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis, and WWE, Ronda Rousey remains an outspoken critic of the organization and its culture. During a recent appearance on News Nation, she talked about a situation involving Drew Gulak pulling on her sweatpants strings.

“I was standing there and this guy I was barely an acquaintance with grabs the strings of my sweatpants as I was walking by. I wasn’t even looking at him,” Rousey said during the interview. “Nobody around me acted as if it was abnormal. If this guy is coming up to me and doing this kinda stuff to me when there’s other people around, what’s happening to these other girls when it’s not in the hallway. That really put me on edge that not only is this behavior prevalent, but it’s so prevalent that people don’t even realize it’s a problem anymore.”

When pressed on the person who committed the act, Rousey was able to name Gulak.

“I remember exactly what he looks like, but I’m completely blanking on his name,” Rousey said. “Drew Gulak! That’s who it was. I confronted him later and I was like if I ever hear about you putting your hands on any other woman like this or doing anything like this to me again, but we are going to have a problem. It put a really sour taste in my mouth about the culture there, what’s considered acceptable about how to touch and treat the women there.”

Rousey has openly talked about the allegations against McMahon in recent weeks. In her autobiography, Our Fight, she likened McMahon to the evil Emperor Palpatine of the Star Wars franchise.

“It’s hard sometimes to know where the evil, unethical, slimeball character of Vince McMahon played out for the cameras ends and the actual questionably ethical, many times sued, and multiple times accused of sexual misconduct Vince McMahon begins,” Rousey wrote.

Her criticism of the organization and its treatment of women highlighted everything from the company culture to the time women’s matches received on television. Rousey has also highlighted that until certain individuals are out of the organization, the company will never change.

This new statement comes as the lawsuit against McMahon, Laurinaitis, and WWE moves forward, with many watching closely to see how it will be handled from a legal standpoint and within Endeavor.