Samoa Joe vs Swerve Strickland vs Adam Page would be huge at AEW Revolution 2024

The main event for AEW Revolution 2024 has yet to be made, but a three-way battle between the top three names in the men's division would be massive.
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The build to AEW Revolution 2024 is in full swing. There’s a lot to look forward to on this card, including the conclusion of Sting’s illustrious career. The main event is shaping up, with Swerve Strickland and “Hangman” Adam Page set to battle for a title shot against AEW World Champion, Samoa Joe. However, with how this story is shaking out, putting these three men together in a three-way match is the perfect battle to headline the PPV. 

AEW Revolution is set for Sunday, March 3. As of Monday, February 5 only 4 matches have been announced. AEW is known for having cards with nearly 12 matches planned, so it’s clear that much more is to come. But events are typically remembered based on the main event and Joe versus Strickland versus Page is an exceptional match in every way. 

Fans are pushing for Strickland to become the first Black champion in AEW’s short history. As said multiple times, he checks all the boxes when it comes to what makes professional wrestling special, especially in AEW. This match on the PPV would be an excellent way to get the belt on him while establishing a top challenger at the same time. There’s also the tried tactic of protecting Strickland in a loss by having another individual take the pinfall. That title will go around Strickland’s waist at some point this year and putting these three men together in one match helps take a step in that direction, win, lose, or draw. 

“Hangman” Page doesn’t need another title win at this time. At some point, he will become a multiple-time title holder in AEW. But that time doesn’t have to come at this point in 2024. The hot hand belongs to Swerve Strickland and viewers may see Page be the individual that is the catalyst for him taking his position at the top of the promotion.

Then there’s Samoa Joe. The excitement around his title reign has seemingly ushered in a long-awaited new era for AEW. He stepped into the role and immediately made it clear that any opponent could get it. Now, the question remains: Is Samoa Joe a transition champion? If the answer is “no,” putting him into a three-way match is a great way to keep him hot and strapped up, without having to deal with the onslaught of fans looking for someone like Swerve to take the belt. AEW has spent most of its time successfully making the top champion look like a long-term threat. If this is going to be the case with Joe, putting him into a multi-man match at this point is an understandable choice. And it’s still going to result in a match that leaves fans raving for more. 

The main event of AEW Revolution has yet to be announced. But if viewers get to see a triple-threat battle between Samoa Joe, Adam Page, and Swerve Strickland the best response would be a quote from famed actor, Samuel Jackson. “Hold onto your butts.”