Sonny Kiss talks ASÉ Wrestling, wrestling for TNA, and her future

Sonny Kiss spoke about being part of ASÉ Wrestling, wrestling for TNA, and what's in store for the future.
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For their second show, ASÉ celebrated Black History Month. Not only did they have Ron Simmons and Teddy Long involved in the show, but they also had the Black Wrestling Museum with amazing displays set up in the lobby.

Before the wrestling started, there was music. Charlotte native Cyanca performed a three song set to hype up the crowd. The 602 Castncrew and Deshawn Visionz performed a special song for guest General Manager, Long. "hol on playa" got the crowd hyped several times through out the night. The incredible Wild Recluse sang a beautiful rendition of "Lift Every Voice and Sing" prior to the first match.

The show started off hot with Yahya vs. Sonny Kiss. Yahya spoke highly of Kiss prior to their match. He moved up from an eight man match on the first ASÉ show to a singles match against "one of top wrestlers anywhere."

Following the show, I had the opportunity to talk "The Concrete Rose".

What does it mean to you to be a part of ASÉ?

Sonny: It means a whole lot. I'm so glad that Darius and I were able to work something out. There was a celebration -- I was just typing it out on Twitter actually -- it's like a celebration, it's love, it's wrestling. It's like a positive of those three things. It was a wonderful experience.

What's it like to have a platform that not only celebrates Black wrestling, but women's wrestling and people in the LGBTQIA+ community?

Sonny: I feel like we can't have enough of these types of promotions. I feel like this is something that needs to be taken all across the waters, it needs to be toured, it needs to be everywhere. I think people having represenation of any sort is a wonderful thing.

What's life like for you now? We saw you in AEW and TNA, we've seen you pop up here and there. What are you up to now?

Sonny: That is to be...determined...soon. I don't like to speak too soon on the things that I do because a lot of times in the past, I feel like I ruined it by putting the energy out there and I kind of just want to keep certain things to myself.

But, you'll see me around. Got a few show on the indies. I have a show in Durham (NC) coming up soon. I have a show in Pittsburgh. Enjoy Wrestling. I have some cool stuff. You'll see.

Since our interview, Kiss has been announced for EFFY's Big Gay Brunch 9 where she'll face Dark Sheik.

You may not be able to answer this then, but will we see you in TNA again?

Sonny: *grins* That is to be determined. We shall see.

What was your experience like in TNA? We hear so many positive things about that locker room. Is it everything that everyone says it is?

Sonny: Absolutely and more too. The camaraderie is wonderful. The talent there is just out of this world. I want to work with each and every one of them. I know Jordynne and I were part of matches. Gisele and I have fantastic chemistry. Trin and I had an amazing match. I'm just looking forward to maybe what's to come. But, fantastic locker room.

What does 2024 have for you and your fans?

Sonny: A lot more of me being unapologetic.

Kiss says to keep supporting indie wrestling. Keep supporting ASÉ. "I know it's going to be a wonderful success. In the future, I know it's going to go many different places. Just keep supporting."

To watch ASÉ x BHM: A Black History Month Celebration, go to ASÉ's website and go to "watch ASÉ".